Get ready to laugh a lot at the new standup comedy show “The Happy Cunt”.

When I first heard the name of the show I thought to myself what the hell she was thinking? The young comedian Elor Shem Tov decided to come up with a new standup comedy show after two years of performing at small comedy clubs in Tel Aviv.

Online PR News – 10-October-2013 – Tel Aviv, Israel – “I am just a regular girl who loves to make people laugh” Shem Tov says.

Shem Tov is known for her unusual performance and diversity characters. The first time I went to see her 30 minutes show in Ramat Gan, I was shocked. On stage was standing a tinny, blonde girl with huge presence and confidence that I haven’t seen for a long time. Like everyone in the audience I just fell in love with her big smile and unique humor.

After a long time of short performances she decided to write a full hour show that talk about the most complicated human being in the world.
“I’m giving you an hour tour into the women heads. It came to me as I was sitting with my friends and we were laughing about our men and how easy it was if we could bring them some operation manual so they’ll know what do to with us” she says.

Her new show “The Happy Cunt” as you can imagine talks about the different way of thinking between women and men, from daily to bedroom situations. The part I loved the most was when the audience could not stop laughing, there was no chance for Shem Tov to continue with the show, so what she did? She started improvising and talked to herself what made us laugh even more. This amazing ability to improvise in the middle of the show just made me compare her to the best comedians in Israel.

With this show Shem Tov shows everyone there is nothing or no one who can stop her. And do not worry she will be there every Friday night rocking the place.