Bernstein, Mello & Chadwick Offers Advice for Those Arrested for DWI in Nashua NH

Longtime Nashua Criminal Defense Law Firm Reminds People of Their Rights When They Are Suspected of Violating DWI Laws

Online PR News – 09-October-2013 – NASHUA NH – For those who have been arrested for DWI in Nashua NH, there isn’t a moment to lose in mounting a capable defense. If one has been arrested, there are protocols to follow that Bernstein, Mello & Chadwick urges people – prospective clients and otherwise – to follow.

The first protocol is one that should be followed whenever one is pulled over by an officer – namely, to have all paperwork ready, such as license, registration, and proof of insurance. Failure to provide any of these immediately raises red flags with peace officers, potentially raising suspicions for other criminal activities.

The second protocol is to cooperate with the officer. Rudeness, insolence, and obstinate behavior are all things that an officer can see as interfering with his or her job. At the same time, one should not incriminate his or her self.

Along the lines of avoiding self-incrimination, the suspect has the right to refuse field sobriety tests and breath tests if either is in doubt. While New Hampshire, along with every other state in the Union, subscribes to the Implied Consent dictum, which boils down to acceptance of a driver’s license being tantamount to accepting all testing, it is in the interest of someone who would incriminate one’s self with these tests to refuse them and accept the penalties from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Finally, there is no reason to make any statement. Better for those accused of DWI in New Hampshire to contact experienced lawyers to make the best case possible on their behalf.

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