Fox’s Chimney Sweeps Announces to Offer High Quality Professional Chimney Cleaning Services

Fox’s Chimney Sweeps is a leading chimney cleaning company in Portland that assures most professional inspection and cleaning works for open fireplace, fireplace insert as well as wood stove free standing chimney.

Online PR News – 09-October-2013 – 10/6/2013, Portland, OR – Portland, OR The Portland homes in need of chimney cleaning seem to have a reliable aide- Fox's Chimney Sweeps has announced to offer most professional chimney cleaning services in Portland. The leading chimney cleaning company works on open fireplace, fireplace insert as well as wood stove free standing chimneys.

William Kelsey is the current owner & operator of Fox's Chimneys which was founded in 1978. The Kelsey couple initially started with Westside Chimney Sweeps around 1984 but shortly took over Fox's Chimney.

"We are your most credible portal when it comes to chimney cleaning here. For more than 25 years we are constantly cleaning the Oregon chimneys & our skill, experience, integrity and honesty are simply unrivaled. We promise utmost professional chimney cleaning in Portland", said a spokesperson from William's team. The company covers a wider operational area including Portland, Beaverton, St. Helens, Hillsboro, Tigard, Scappoose & the nearby Oregon lands.

Mr. Kelsey & his crew are seasoned in cleaning fireplaces, mechanical chimney, Wood-burning stove, and Furnace flue. Fox's Chimney Sweeps also assures expert hand in blockage removal and dryer vent cleaning service.

"We are skilled and flexible enough to handle any kind of chimney cleaning, no matter how troublesome or filthy the project is. The entire cleaning routine will be assessed based on the chimney system you have at home to ensure the needed customized attention", said the manager, adding that the company is reputed for a prompt & on-time service.

"We assure complete safeguard of your decorative assets at home like furnishing or carpets. Our crew will always lay down drop clothes over your furniture & tugs before embarking on the cleaning work. Our mammoth custom vacuum Soot Sweeper is especially engineered to trap in every bit of dust & soot from your home- leaving you with a thoroughly spic & span ambiance", he added further.

The company offers their chimney inspection assistance prior to the cleaning service. They follow NFPA forwarded inspection protocols in all the verification works. The technicians here are knowledgeable to perform appropriate inspection services- on the basis of client's chimney use & the pertinent safety concerns or performance issues.

"You can expect us for quality chimney sweep services. Besides, we also supply chimney caps & guards in all sizes and shapes", added in the media personnel from Fox' Chimney Cleaning.

About Fox's Chimney Sweeps: Fox's Chimney Sweeps is a seasoned chimney cleaning company in Portland. The firm offers inspection and cleaning of fireplaces, mechanical chimney, Wood-burning stove, and Furnace flue.

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