Michael Locker to Speak at Immunotherapeutics & Immunomonitoring Jan 2014, CA

Michael Locker, Medical Director at Dendreon To Give a Presentation at the 6th Immunotherapeutics & Immunomonitoring Conference (Jan 29-31, 2014 in San Diego)

Online PR News – 09-October-2013 – San Diego – Michael Locker, Medical Director at Dendreon, will give a presentation on “Sipuleucel-T in Combination With Other Agents” at the 6th Immunotherapeutics & Immunomonitoring Conference to be held in San Diego, CA on January 29-31, 2014 by GTC.

Sipuleucel-T, the first FDA approved cancer vaccine, has demonstrated significant survival benefits in patients with asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). A priority at Dendreon is to explore the use of sipuleucel-T in earlier stages of prostate cancer and in combination with other agents that may enhance the immune response and patient outcomes. Sipuleucel-T in combination with enzalutamide, a novel, potent androgen receptor blocker, has the potential to improve patient outcomes. This presentation will outline the study underway to assess optimal timing of these therapies when used in combination. In addition, this talk will cover selected investigator-initiated studies. These studies will explore how various forms of radiation therapy as well as other immunologic agents such as ipilimumab, anti-PD1, and IDO inhibition may have synergistic effects when utilized in combination with sipuleucel-T.

Benefits of talk:
1. Understand the basics of manufacturing sipuleucel-T
2. Understand the key data from the Phase III IMPACT Study that led to FDA approval in 2010
3. Understand how combinatorial immunotherapies might further benefit mCRPC patients
4. Understand the design of the Dendreon study that addresses sipuleucel-T in combination with enzalutamide
5. Review and understand select investigator initiated studies combining sipuleucel-T with other immunologic agents

Network with leading experts from the scientific and clinical arenas as well as investigators in industry to discuss novel findings and developments in immunological assays and procedures. Learn about recent advances in immunotherapy, as they relate to various modalities, specific cancers, cell subsets, and animal models. Discuss potential clinical feasibility and commercial potential of the newest data obtained from leading biomedical research laboratories.

This conference is part of the Novel Immunotherapeutics Summit 2014, which includes three additional parallel conferences shown below:
12th Cytokines & Inflammation
2nd Immunogenicity & Immunotoxicity
Inaugural Innate Immunity

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