The new software by CodeTwo expands the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange

Easier management of data, acceleration in information circulation and streamlining of communication in the company are some of the benefits that can be gained by using the latest application by CodeTwo company. The program Exchange Sync has just been released.

Online PR News – 10-August-2009 – – Modern companies more and more often use advanced technologies. This includes the Exchange server that businesses use to streamline communication of Outlook clients as well as mobile devices (PDAs) that are increasingly used by employees. With the rise in the new network services, the problem of data synchronization within a company between employees gains more and more importance. The old solutions often do not withstand the test of time.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync is an advanced application that supports real time flow of data in Exchange organization. The program by CodeTwo enables automatic synchronization of selected Microsoft Exchange server folders. The folders may contain Outlook mail, calendar, contacts and tasks items etc.

"Our application opens new opportunities for flexible management of data flow", says Michal Bednarz, the owner of CodeTwo. "The administrator can decide which data will precisely be synchronized and how it will be modified during the replication. This forms the basis for team work schemes in Outlook, whose role is to support the circulation of documents, data and information in the company. In this respect, our application is an effective workflow tool".

In Codetwo Exchange Sync you can use several types of synchronization tasks suited to a specified group of Exchange server users. The replication of data can be executed using the one-way synchronization, in which the data is transferred in one direction from the source folders to the target folders. The two-way option propagates data in two directions between a group of folders. "Notice that the synchronization is real time", says Michal Bednarz. "The users of calendars or contact lists in their Outlook clients always have the updated data. This adds up to the group work efficiency, while mistakes are kept to the minimum".

CodeTwo Exchange Sync enables controlling the flow of data. The built-in filters let the administrator precisely define which data will be synchronized between folders, all or selected. For example, the administrator can configure the program to synchronize calendar items between calendar folders that include a specified word, are not older than one week, are tagged with 'Business' category, and finally are not marked as private. The feature that is responsible for keeping order inside folders are modifiers. They are capable of tagging the synchronized data on the fly for easier identification in the target folder.

The capabilities of CodeTwo Exchange Sync are valued by companies who want their employees to have access to up-to-date data. This is a solution that will aid companies with a broad network of road warriors who use PDAs on a daily basis. A change made to the Outlook appointment, or customer profile, will immediately synchronize according to the rules set by the administrator. The travelling employees do not need to report back to the office to add new data to the folder. The replication takes place in real time using Outlook Mobile Access (OMA). Naturally, this is just one example of how CodeTwo’s application can be utilized. The program will be a useful tool in any company in which teamwork is key to succeed.

"CodeTwo Exchange Sync is the successor of Folder Sync", says Michal Bednarz, the owner of CodeTwo. "The program has been given so many new features that we decided to rename it. The new name also stresses the fact that it is a program dedicated to Exchange server environments".

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About the company:

CodeTwo, a software company located in Poland, develops highly-specialized software for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. CodeTwo offers solutions to facilitate groupwork in companies of all sizes as well as resource management procedures, mails and tasks.

The solutions brought by CodeTwo are currently used by over 3000 companies (700 in Poland and as many as 2400 worldwide, mainly the USA). The flagship applications released by CodeTwo include CodeTwo Public Folders – an application used to share Outlook data (calendars, contacts, tasks, and mail folders) by multiple users in the workplace or home, as well as CodeTwo Exchange Rules – a solution used to add company disclaimers or personalized signatures to email messages automatically without user's instruction. The product list is completed by customized software solutions (e.g. system used to manage employees' vacation/paid-leave forms, an application for creating data back-ups for Exchange, a solution for managing the standard paper company correspondence), and finally free add-ons to Microsoft Outlook.