You Can Now Boost Your Sales For Free Through Classified Ads

There are countless number of marketing options available today from free to very costly ones. When it comes to an effective free marketing strategy, posting ads in free classifieds is the best method available today, according to the marketing professionals of

Online PR News – 11-March-2009 – – March 2009 - “free classifieds are becoming one of the main ways home business owners are using to advertise their home business. free classifieds will not take your business to the next level. Anyone telling you otherwise is just lying to you.""Free classified ads were intended to make people aware of garage sales, sell cars, and items of that nature. Free classified ads were not originally intended for home business, MLM and for other network marketers to advertise in.""Free classifieds have pretty much been swarmed with ads of all types of businesses. Posting in free classifieds will not get you the results you desire because there are way too many ads being posted.""Most of the people in these sites are just looking to post their ad to get someone to signup for their opportunity. They are not looking to join another opportunity. This is just something to keep in mind if you are using free classified ads” says Tony Ismaily of

He added that, “So, why are free classifieds so popular? Because, ideally, they catch the reader's eye and force them to read the contents. In addition to being so affordable, they present you with a wonderful opportunity to interest many different people in whatever you are advertising.""Once upon a time, free classifieds were restricted to newspapers. For big local papers, letting your ad run for a week could be expensive. Plus, only those people in the reading area would have access to your ad. Even if you advertised in your local penny saver, there was no guarantee concerning how many people would see and read it.”

Speaking on the move, Tony Ismaily said, “You can do a number of different things with classified ads. Maybe you are trying to sell a product. Perhaps you are trying to sell a service. Similarly, perhaps you are looking for a product or service.""Some people even sell themselves - i.e., they will use the classifieds to get traffic to their web sites. This is good for product and service web sites and even blog sites. The benefit here is that the ad is free, so the income generated from the extra traffic is all yours.”

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