Colorado X Cup To Offer Largest Ever Cash Prize To The Nation's #1 Hash Maker
1 October 2013
The Colorado X Cup was announced just weeks ago. A nationwide hash making contest and first ever nationwide DAB-A-THON Dabbing Olympics is being held in Denver, CO this November 15th, 16th & 17th, 2013. Now No Excuses Entertainment Inc announces that they will be offering the largest cash prize of any type of contest like this. Judging in categories such as Indica - Shatter/Wax/Budder & Solventless, Sativa Shatter/Wax/Budder & Solventless, plus a Best Over All which will win the $1,000 CASH prize along with an all quartz Pukin Beagle Glass pendent dabbing rig, BHO Extraction Tube trophies by Rone Glass, Pukin Beagle Glass and Lunch Box Glass. Thurlow Weed CEO of No Excuses Entertainment Inc. said "Also don't forget about the DAB-A-THON the nations first Dabbing Olympics where recreational dabbers will compete in DABsticle course and relay times races, with over $5,000 in cash and prizes to the winners. That's really what we wanted to ad to our event that's different from other extraction or cannabis cup events." For more information about the Colorado X Cup & DAB-A-THON Dabbing Olympics please visit