Koyal Group Announces Creation of United States Federal Reserve Bank Policy Committee

Due to the vast number of policy changes which heavily influence the markets across the globe, Koyal Group has created a committee to predict and review policy changes from the United States Federal Reserve Bank.

Online PR News – 30-September-2013 – TOKYO, Japan – TOKYO, Japan -- On Monday, August 19th 2013, Koyal Group announces that it will form a committee to review and forecast policy changes by the Federal Reserve Bank in order to reduce systemic risks in the American financial system from this major macroeconomic factor. The committee will consist of four members, and will be chaired by Steven Alexander.

Steven Alexander will remain on the board of directors Koyal Group Americas a position he has held since 2009; but he will step down from the position of executive director to outside director. Steven joined Koyal Group´s American division in 2005 from Merrill Lynch where he spent 15 years as one of their leading analysts concerned with predicting the correlation of markets based on macroeconomic factors.

The position of vice chair will be held by Laura Hunt, who was previously one of Koyal Group America´s leading analysts. She headed multiple teams during her five year career at the equity research firm researching the bond market and forecasting treasury yields in the United States. “Her vast experience in the American bond markets has made Laura my top choice for vice chair of our new formed committee. Laura and I are still in the process of selecting the final two members of the committee.” said Steven Alexander, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank Policy Committee.

“I would like to personally congratulate both Steven and Laura on their appointments to this prestigious committee and would like to thank them for the countless contributions they have already made to the firm. We are pleased that Koyal Group will continue to benefit from their broad range of experiences,” said Edward Neilson, CEO at Koyal Group, commenting on the appointments.