Scary Games Are a Revolution in the Gaming Industry

All of us are familiar with the quirky tales of ghosts and goblins our nannies have told us. Or perhaps it is this love for adventure and the curiosity to unravel the realms of the dark world which lead us on to Scary Games to play, according to the professional gamers of

Online PR News – 11-March-2009 – – Toronto, March 2009 - “666Gamer has released some of the best scary games for this season. Some of best scary games from 666Gamer are Bitefight- The struggle between Vampires and Werewolves has rampaged for centuries. It`s your destiny to decide this battle.""Another one addictive scary game from 666Gamer is 9 Dragons- Master Martial Arts in Ancient China. Fight for the honor & destiny of your clan. The 666Gamer game called Adventure Quest is A Fully Flash-animated RPG. You fight against hordes of monsters and enemies,” says the Media of

Speaking more about scary games, the Media said, “Trying to define horror has taken up volumes of print and endless documentaries in the making. In trying to seek that unexplainable feeling of fear and excitement teenagers, men and women are inexplicably drawn towards Scary Games to play.""There are of course plenty of games that seek to titillate the human psyche and provide entertainment to all and sundry. It must be said though that while playing horror games, one needs to exercise caution.""In case you do not have a strong frame of mind it is difficult to compose one self having played such games. Scary Games to play can be extremely time-consuming and addictive if they strike the right chord of the player.""On an average 30 to 50 hours can be easily consumed by playing such a game. It is not only a good and exciting way of passing time, but also in an odd way teaches the player to face adverse situations.""A problem though with all Scary Games to play is that the bond with the game is broken and the concentration level re-achieved every time that game has to be newly started."

“Good Scary Halloween Games for Teens to play should try to cajole the gamer to return to the computer whenever free. The horror games industry would mature if they emphasize on a great script instead of only graphics and bloodshed.""It is up to the makers to make the Scary Halloween Games for Teens more interesting by adding a mind game and interesting twists and turns instead of only gory scenes of destruction and evil being the order of the day,” says the media

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