Industry Leaders in Mobile Local Search 2010 Share Next Generation Strategies

The leaders in the mobile Location-based search ecosystem are reaping the rewards and telling us how we can enter the supply chain and win.

Online PR News – 22-June-2010 – – New York, NY June 2010 – Mobile Local Search 2010 products are evolving with greater technological enhancements. More now than ever, the phrase – Think Global, Market Local - is on target. Component manufactures for software and hardware businesses are investing in research & development and deployment. Advertisers are eager to connect directly with the buying power. Venture capitalists are exploring new entrants into the Mobile Local Search (MLS) ecosystem for sizeable 2010 investments.

Today, the parameters for MLS solutions include social networks, individuals, cities, neighborhoods, landmarks, and actions that are relevant to the searcher’s past, current, and future location. These parameters provide structure to vertically deep and horizontally broad data categories that can stand-alone or are combined to comprise searchable directories.

Because MLS can occupies several application categories/directories simultaneously, this is a double-edge sword for product designers and developers, analytic engines, financial media analysts, and media planners and buyers needing to evaluate one category with another or one directory with another.

The lack of clean comparative analysis based upon application occupancy of an individual category creates a challenge for marketers looking to maximize the value of applications to the supply chain including brand marketers looking to embed advertising within an application.

In the industry report Mobile Local Search 2010, visionaries from industry leaders Nuance®, NAVTEQ®, Acrossair, Qualcomm®, Nokia®, Quattro Wireless and more share their views on the component technologies that create powerful MLS solutions.
Anyone considering launching a mobile local search business, deploying solutions, involving location-based technology and services, and providing components to MLS applications - needs to have a clear surround-view of potential partners at any given entry-point to the ecosystem, and this report provides a comprehensive view. The insights illuminated are complimented by industry data and performance metrics.

The report is geared for those who want to learn how to navigate the terrain and natural laws governing the supply chain within cellular telecommunications industry; learn how to partner with carriers, handset manufactures, LBS vendors, and marketing agencies. The report provides tough guidance to get the relationships right.
Companies Mentioned in Report, found at , include Acrossair, Acuity, Acxiom®, Alcatel, Apple®, ARM®, AT&T®, AT&T Interactive, China Telecom, Cimarron Group / Traffic, City Search®, DexKnows™, Earthcomber®, Experian®, Garmin®, Gokivo, Google®, Harrah’s®, Hart-Hanks®, Intel®, JumpTap®, Layar, Microsoft®, Microvision®, Mobilizy, mOcean, Morgan Stanley, Motorola®, Navizon®, NAVTEQ®, Network In Motion®, Nokia®, NTT DoCoMo®, Nuance®, Peer39, Quattro Wireless, Qualcomm®, Research In Motion®, Riverstone Residential, Samsung®, SiRF®, Skyhook™, SPB Mobile, Spherexx, Sprint®, Super Pages™, Ubiquitous Entertainment, Urban Spoon, Tell-Me Networks®, V-Enable, Verizon®, Visa®, Winston & Strawn, Yahoo! ®, Yell®, Yelp®, and YPmobile®.