HarborLight Solutions Makes Your Outdoor Adventures a Little Safer

HikeSafe allows creation and communication of Hike Plans for outdoor adventurers

Online PR News – 22-June-2010 – – HarborLight Solutions LLC, a provider of smart phone applications, today announced the availability of its latest product release, HikeSafe for the iPhone. This product allows hikers and adventurers to create a plan for their outdoor activities and provide email communication to other participants and emergency contacts. HikeSafe allows the user to document:

• Participants
• Car Information
• Trail Plan
• Campsite Information
• Supply List
• Post Hike Notes

The user can then email the plan to the participants and/or emergency contacts.

Hike plans are an essential, but often overlooked safety tool for hikers. Frequently, hikers worry about the tread on their boots, the amount of food and water with them, but fail to tell loved ones exactly where they will be and when is the time to start worrying.

As with any outdoor physical activity, anything can happen no matter how prepared or physically fit someone is. A simple slip on a rock and your leg could be broken. You could lose your balance on an outcropping and fall down a steep ravine. You could have a medical emergency such as an unforeseen allergic reaction that you are ill-prepared for. If loved ones know where you plan to hike, rescuers will have an idea of where you might be, which could hasten a rescue.

HikeSafe is available in the App Store for the price of $1.99. Download it today.

About HarborLight Solutions LLC
HarborLight Solutions is a provider of smart-phone applications to the consumer market, and helps businesses design and create applications. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Portland, Maine. More information can be found at www.harborlightsolutions.com or by emailing info@harborlightsolutions.com.

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