Clearpath Technology Has Crossed 500 Satisfied Employees

Clearpath Technology and its 500 Satisfied and Hardworking Employees

Online PR News – 10-August-2009 – – August, 2009, India – Without Clearpath Technology employees and its founder the company would be nothing. This is what Clearpath subscribers and clients have to say with the 500 employees that have been working hard to lead the company to success. And because of the increasing number of clients of Clearpath the company is happy to announce that it has crossed 300 employees. The reason behind the loyalty of the employees is that the company is thinking not only on the satisfaction of its clients but with its employee as well.

Deepak Bansal, founder of Clearpath, is very grateful to his employees. Because of this he created a working environment that will provide comfort for his employees. The main office which can be found in New Delhi is fully networked with air-conditioned space done centrally. It has 200 KVA generators to provide enough electricity during power failure. It also has 150 KVA UPS which serves as power backup.

The employees have an excellent working environment. It has conference rooms and training rooms during meetings and brain storming. It has cafeteria and auditorium equipped with materials that the employee need during movies and symposium. The company believe that the success is built on skills, hard work and fun. The company put some extra activities to help its employees to relax and have fun. Games like chess tournaments, intra-office cricket matches, and other extra curricular activities that the employees would surely love.

The company is full of talents that lie at the heart of the business. The company hired employees that has experienced in implementing technical and marketing solutions across a wide-range of industries. New graduates are also welcome since they also have fresh ideas even if they have a raw talent. Most of the technical staff has certifications specific to their task.

With the companies services, simple procedures, and 500 dedicated and hard working employees what would go wrong. Success is there right at your hand all you have to do is to press that button and start browsing the site. Aside from friendly hard working staff to assist you the company has online services wherein you can have immediate answer in your inquiries.

In every company the employee plays an important role. Give importance to them and they will surely repay you by working hard. The success of Clearpath Technology depends on them and on its clients. So if you want to see your clear path to success subscribe now.