Boston Life Coach Offers Coaching Sessions by Donation to Help Local Business Owners Get Unstuck

Relieving emotional stress and moving beyond feeling stuck may be easier this year thanks to Boston area life coach, Nat Couropmitree.

Online PR News – 22-June-2010 – – Danvers, MA Relieving emotional stress and moving beyond feeling stuck may be easier this year thanks to Boston area life coach, Nat Couropmitree. He is supporting the business owners of Danvers, Massachusetts and the surrounding communities by offering personal coaching sessions by donation,

In a comment, Couropmitree stated, 'The condition of the economy has left many business owners feeling uncertain, unsettled and frustrated. Owners are finding that what used to work for their businesses don't work as well anymore. As a result, people are working longer and harder than ever scrambling to find something that will improve their businesses. Unfortunately, this added pressure is taking its toll. Business owners are stressed out and this stress ripples out to affect everyone in their circle. Their staff are affected. Their families are affected. Even their customers/clients are affected. I want people to know that they don't have to just live with all this. I want to give people hope that they can get off the emotional roller coaster and actually feel better today. This is why I'm offering coaching sessions by donation,”

People need to know that there is help available. Sure there are other forms of therapy but many individuals may not think that their situation warrants seeing a therapist. Seeking support from a life coach can be the solution business owners need.

In a typical life coaching session, Couropmitree creates an environment that allows his clients to share openly and feel heard. He then helps his clients develop new perspectives and life habits that support them in gaining relief and even feeling a new excitement about life.

Sessions will be offered in person at the Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center, LLC in Danvers, MA. Fifty percent of proceeds received will also be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Salem, MA.

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About Nat Couropmitree
Nat Couropmitree of is an internationally sought-after life coach who enables his clients to see the root cause of their frustrations, challenges and struggles and then effectively empowers them to shift easily away from those patterns. Nat is very skilled at taking the insurmountable and transforming it into the doable through the use of simple action steps. He loves helping his clients to see that they already have within them all the tools they will need to make the profound life changes they desire.

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