Vanity Search – Remove It Has Become An Essential Tool For Job Seekers.

Google has become the latest obstacle for the unemployed as HR Managers conduct Vanity Searches on prospective new hires.

Online PR News – 22-June-2010 – – Vanity SearchRemove It Has Become An Essential Tool For Job Seekers.

Google has become the latest obstacle to the unemployed as HR Managers conduct Vanity Searches on prospective new hires.

New Orleans, La. June 21, 2010 - Remove It has announced that there has been an increase in visitors to their new website, especially the pages related to vanity searches.

In a recent poll, a large percentage of Human Resource Managers admitted to conducting a Vanity Search on prospective applicants in an attempt to gage their character. In the same poll 85% of HR Managers replied that they always accept the first page results as factual.

Ron Collins of Remove It says the best case scenario is to search your name and nothing appears, but even that is wishful thinking due to sites like Facebook and Twitter. “Somewhere along the way we have lost all of our common sense when it comes to social networking sites. Sure in the initial beginning it was great to catch up with old friends from high school, but the side effects have resulted in private Tweets now appearing on the first page of Google.”

Sites like Google have become more than just website search engines; they have now become people search engines. Google has constructed dozens of large database centers throughout the United States. The main purpose of these centers are to store all search results from that particular region, and link searchers to relevant content from that area of the country.

Despite the fact that Google is very secretive about the locations and functions of these databases, here is the part that is most relevant to job seekers. If an HR Manager searches the applicant’s name in Google, then chances are their name will appear at the top of the search results for that area.

“Once a Tweet or a post from your Facebook wall has landed on the 1st page of Google it will remain indexed forever. If you’re counting on the negative items to simply evaporate then you’re in for a rude awakening. Quite often negative sites appearing under your name are not as innocent as a Tweet from your girlfriend; unfortunately most negative items were placed there intentionally and deliberately.”

Ron Collins went on to say that an applicant’s name is their brand, and just as large corporations vigorously protect their brands, so should job seekers. specializes in protecting job seekers from slanderous online websites and links. was designed to teach consumers how to remove negative search results from the 1st page of Google and other search engines.

Remove It has a new website interface that features strategies that will help job seekers remove negative items that are hindering their employment opportunities. It is suggested that all applicants conduct a vanity search using their names as the keyword prior to a major interview. Conducting a vanity search will allow an applicant to see what a potential employer will see the moment their name is searched.

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