New Technology Allows School District to Place Qualified Substitute Teachers into Classrooms Faster

eSchool Solutions aims to eliminate ‘lost learning days’

Online PR News – 22-June-2010 – – PHOENIX, Ariz., June 21, 2010 – For many students, an absent teacher means a break from learning—especially when an unqualified substitute teacher walks through the door. But that’s no longer the case in the Balsz School District.

Balsz is now installing the latest software from eSchool Solutions—known as SmartFindExpress—that matches classrooms with the highest qualified subs.

Here’s how it works. Each district sets parameters through the eSchool Solutions software to control how substitutes are selected for each class, taking into consideration their skill sets, location and contract guidelines. Teachers can then call in sick or schedule days off and the automated system matches their class with the best possible substitute.

Quality is key. While most school districts are turning to automated software systems to pair substitutes to classes, these other programs only find the first available person, who may not necessarily be the best fit for that particular job. This can lead to a sub unfamiliar with foreign languages, for instance, subbing for a Spanish class. SmartFindExpress ensures that the right sub is placed in the right classroom.

“On any given day, 7 to 14 percent of K-12 teachers are absent,” said Lisa Welton, vice president of marketing for eSchool Solutions. “Our software is all about reducing what we call ‘lost learning days,’ which students can encounter when not supervised by the best possible substitute.”
SmartFindExpress is faster and less costly than past manual methods of finding subs, since it frees up school administration to work on more pressing issues, while still maintaining the highest quality of classroom-sub matchups.

New this summer. Teachers and substitutes will be able to monitor and control the entire process all through a new iPhone app. For instance, teachers will be able to give important classroom instructions to the subs via the app. Teachers can even call in sick, and substitutes can view available jobs all through their iPhone.

To learn more about eSchool Solutions, SmartFindExpress and the iPhone app visit or call 800-776-8774.

About eSchool Solutions

eSchool Solutions is the leading provider of integrated technology solutions for the preK-12 education market. In 1987, the Orlando-based company revolutionized substitute management for school systems, completely changing the way districts managed substitutes and employee absences. Now, as a total solutions provider, eSchool Solutions provides a full suite of products and services designed to improve administrative efficiency and help school districts work smarter. The company serves more than 500 school systems, encompassing 29,000 schools in North America.

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