Key Silver Launches a New Line of Product That Sources and Sells Vintage Jewellery

Key Silver is one of the best-rated online stores for all types of silver jewellery. They have launched a new line of product through which they will both source and sell vintage jewellery at the lowest prices possible.

Online PR News – 10-August-2009 – – Manchester, UK - The rising cost of jewellery and the global economic downturn have made women think twice about owning new jewellery. It does not stop at that, it also leads to scrapping of silver jewellery. Not many people know the importance and value of vintage silver jewellery. It is certainly worth more than its scrap value. Vintage silver jewellery always comes with its own history and character that cannot be replaced with anything else. Vintage jewelleries are lot more than pieces of jewellery. Losing them amounts to losing part of history.

To help people appreciate the value of vintage silver jewellery, Key Silver has come up with a new line of products. Through this new service, Key Silver will both source and sell vintage silver jewellery. More than a new service, Key Silver is dedicated to preserving history that comes in the form of vintage jewellery. Vintage jewellery is facing a serious threat and certainly they are worth more than their scrap value. Key Silver feels that, “Vintage jewellery has character and a secret history that adds to its charm and wearability. It has a past and a character of its own, which makes it more interesting.”

By losing vintage jewellery for its scrap value, a whole generation of jewellery will be lost. Today’s vintage jewellery is tomorrow’s antique. If owners of vintage jewellery understand this they will not scrap their vintage jewellery. Scrapping vintage jewellery also scraps the style and fashion that belongs to a whole generation. Moreover when everyone is going green, reusing vintage silver is also environmentally friendly.

On the one hand vintage jewellery is being scrapped for almost nothing. On the other hand, it is also gaining high visibility and importance - it is worn by celebrities and models. Those who want to identify themselves with the latest trends and fashion today will never miss a chance of owning an additional piece of vintage jewellery.

Key Silver is dedicated to providing their customers with the best collection of vintage jewellery including Silver Bracelets. Their customer service is top-notch. This is one of the best places to look for the best valued vintage jewellery. All products are priced low so that vintage jewellery is accessible to everyone.

All silver jewellery can be ordered through their website. They have a robust website that makes the entire process of searching and ordering easy and fast. Key Silver has been one of the top dealers for silver jewellery since 2006. With the launching of their new product line that sources and sells vintage jewellery, they have become the ultimate destination for all types of silver jewellery.

They deal only with silver jewellery that has high silver content. All silver jewellery that they sell carries the .925 stamp, which is a sign of purity. For more information, visit