Vidtel Announces First Video Calling Service for the Polycom® VVX 1500™ Business Media Phone

Instant Video Conferencing and Video Calling Service Fills Void in Small-to-Medium Enterprises

Online PR News – 11-March-2009 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — March 10, 2009 — Vidtel, Inc. today announced the Polycom VVX 1500 Business Media Phone as its premier appliance for video calling and video conferencing in small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Vidtel video calling and video conferencing service fills the void between high-end room conferencing systems and lower-quality video chat. The company enables video calling and video conferencing instantly on every desk with an affordable service that provides interoperability among a growing range of value-priced handsets, sophisticated models like the Polycom VVX 1500 and PC software clients.

Vidtel is the world’s first video communication service to make video calling and instant video conferencing accessible for distributed offices, telecommuting, customer service and other businesses where personal contact is key. While high-end room conferencing proved the value of bringing people closer together with video, high cost and interoperability among video-enabled devices has imposed barriers to widespread adoption in the price-sensitive SME and consumer markets. While video chat software is very low cost, lower quality, inconvenience and lack of interoperability with video-enabled appliances make it inadequate for widespread business use.

“Vidtel delivers video calling and instant video conferencing in affordable, easy-to-use, always-on devices,” said Scott Wharton, Vidtel founder and CEO. “Until now, there’ve been no good solutions between high-end room conferencing and free video chat software that’s just inadequate for regular business use. Vidtel adds video to any voice call. As lower cost, video-enabled devices become more widely available, we aim to continue expanding interoperability in the network to let any video-enabled device or PC software client interoperate. That lets SME customers choose the appropriate price/value/quality option for any business need.”

The Polycom VVX 1500 transforms individual productivity through a unique combination of full-featured telephone, equipped with Polycom HD Voice™, personal video conferencing, and an interactive information portal for integrated business applications. A touch-based device that is as simple to use as a traditional desktop phone, the VVX 1500 delivers a quick ROI through high-quality face-to-face collaboration without requiring travel.

“Vidtel offers a reliable, affordable service that delivers the value of the Polycom VVX 1500 to small-to-medium sized enterprises,” added Polycom Jim Kruger, vice president of marketing for Polycom Voice Communications Solutions. “With the VVX 1500 and Vidtel service, companies are able to initiate high quality, ad-hoc voice and video calls with the simple touch of a screen, and with the added possibility for integration with key business applications.""The VVX 1500 business media phone streamlines collaboration, reduces travel and enables faster decision-making and improved productivity. ”

Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Center uses Vidtel today to unify its three facilities and reduce staffing costs. For video reception, Plug and Play Tech Center deployed Vidtel service with the beta version of the Polycom VVX 1500 late last year to enable Sunnyvale, Calif. reception staff to serve visitors at its remote Redwood City and Palo Alto communities. People entering remote lobbies dial the phone number of the Sunnyvale main visitor center to gain access to the secured, remote facilities. In addition, the organization uses Vidtel instant video conferencing on Polycom VVX 1500s to conduct weekly staff meetings and on-demand video conferences between facilities.

“Plug and Play Tech Center is a dynamic community where more than 150 start-up companies share ideas and the cost of a high-quality environment,” said Plug and Play Tech Center COO Kayvan Baroumand. “Maintaining the security, professionalism and high-touch service of personal reception with Vidtel service enables us to dramatically cost reduce staffing remote facilities without sacrificing very personal service through face-to-face communication. This is the very essence of finding revolutionary ways to use technology to change the way we work and live.”

About Vidtel, Inc.
Vidtel is the first video communication company to make video calling and instant video conferencing services easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and affordable for small-to-medium sized enterprises and consumers. Vidtel fills the void between high-end room conferencing systems and lower-end consumer video chat software with always-on, instantly available video conferencing and video calling that’s as easy to use as any phone. Interoperability among a growing range of Broadsoft compatible, value-priced and high-end appliances and PC software clients gives SMEs the broadest range of price/value/quality options for all their business needs. See Vidtel on the web at or call 1-877-MY-VIDTEL. (877) 698-4383

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