ShiSho releases "Shrouded in Shadows,"

In time for the much-anticipated "The IT Crowd" sitcom finale, ShiSho releases their new single, "Shrouded in Shadows," a song of solidarity to the alienated and bullied.

Online PR News – 25-September-2013 – New York – Quirky, clever teen-sister act ShiSho, spent their summer touring to support their release, "The Sisters EP" and their comically nihilistic tribute single, "The Dead Milkmen Song - featuring the Dead Milkmen." Now, in time for the much-anticipated IT Crowd television show finale - where viewers can spot ShiSho's posters prominently displayed on set, the duo unleashes a new track, "Shrouded in Shadows," the second single from "The Sisters EP."

Through "Shrouded in Shadows" Vivian and Midge Ramone sing a message of solidarity to the alienated and bullied using oft-too-familiar high school scenarios as a backdrop. The track empathetically addresses the issue with sensitivity while maintaining ShiSho's trademark quirk.

Like a favorite coming-of-age film, the song unfolds with dark yet authentic geeky warmth. It holds appeal for fans of Daniel Johnston, Kimya Dawson, The Blow, Camera Obscura, and the Sarah Records crowd.

“Shrouded in Shadows tackles bullying from a sympathetic outsider’s point of view with gawky charm." says music journalist, Nikki Delamotte, "An ode to a fellow classmate rife with total pubescent recall – 'I’m sorry that they said those things about you changing in the locker room,' 'In art class they made fun of you because the only way you know how to draw is anime,' 'I know why you sit alone at lunch' 'Shrouded' is innocent, but never juvenile, and in essence the stuff folk-punk heroines are made of."

Music writer, Ken Sears praises ShiSho for "capturing adolescent angst and awkwardness perfectly."

Adam Spektor of Tour Volume says, "The balance of humorous references to fan fiction and equine birth with poignant asides, recalls They Might Be Giants at their funny-sad best."

"Shrouded in Shadows" was produced by "Phantom Farmer" aka, Joel McAnulty of indie band De Novo Dahl at The Green Lodge Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The track is the second single from "The Sisters EP," released on ShiSho's own independent imprint, Magnetic Bunny Arts, available at iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

Fans of "The IT Crowd" comedy sitom will catch sight of ShiSho's band posters and stickers prominently displayed on set of the highly-anticipated finale episode, airing September 27 on British network, Channel 4.

"Graham Linehan, the writer, director, and mastermind of The IT Crowd is giving ShiSho a generous nod in the big finale episode airing on Friday, September 27," says Vivian Ramone. "If you're a fan like us, you'll be watching the show like we will be - and you'll see ShiSho posters and stickers sprinkled throughout the show's set, including front and center on Moss' (actor, Richard Ayoade) desk. It's so surreal! We're beyond excited."

About ShiSho
Indie recording artists' ShiSho are real-life sisters, sixteen year old Vivian Ramone (guitar, ukulele, vocals) and thirteen year old Midge (accordion, ukulele, vocals). The duo have been described as the feasible love-children of They Might Be Giants and Kimya Dawson. With a punk aesthetic that catches audiences off-guard, ShiSho is a kid band that's not for kid audiences. In the nine years the sisters have been writing, recording and performing, the duo issued four releases, performed with artists including Man Man, The Dead Milkmen's Joe Jack Talcum, The Smoking Popes, They Might Be Giants, Skating Polly and many others. The band performs primarily original songs live. A crowd favorite is "Rocks n Penalties," a musical narrative about poison rainbows, puking unicorns and a Smiths reunion, released on England's Filthy Little Angels Records.

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10/05 Lawn Con, Youngstown, OH
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10/13 The Grog Shop, Cleveland w/ The Blow
10/19 Con on the Cob, Hudson, OH

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