Bergstrom-SEO Launches Suite of Web 2.0 SEO Techniques

Web 2.0 has made SEO much more interesting, challenging, and also more effective.

Online PR News – 21-June-2010 – – is a seo company that has been around since 2005 and rebranded itself as in 2008. They have recently launched their latest product offering that focuses on the opportunities inherent with web 2.0.

The internet is constantly evolving, and we feel that all top SEO companies also need to involve. What worked in 2002 no longer worked in 2005. The same can be said about 2010. A SEO technique that worked well in 2008 might not be as effective.

Web 2.0 can loosely be defined as a set of technologies that enable visitors to a website to become part of the conversation, and add content to the website that they are visiting. This technology opens the door to many exciting SEO strategies. SEO is all about creating an online buzz surrounding a website. Web 2.0 technologies add new interesting ways to do this. We feel that Web 2.0 has made SEO much more interesting, challenging, and also more effective. As Google improves its algorithms, only the best SEO companies are succeeding.

This top SEO Company is up to date with Google's current searching algorithms, turning over better results for its clients; fast. Many SEO Companies today may be shocked to learn that Google's search algorithms are regularly updated meaning that their methods may be out of date and completely inefficient in terms of SEO. The current seo technology environment is changing. Bergstrom Solutions has beaten this problem and has proven that they are an innovative and leading force in the industry.

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