Studies Become Stylish: The New Module Analyzes Writing Styles
06/21/2010 develops a new module to deal with different writing styles.

Online PR News – 21-June-2010 – – When thinking about plagiarism detection software it is likely that the first thing that comes to your mind is a blatant comparison between the written text and numerous web sources. At least, this is the way most of the free plagiarism detectors work. We at profess a completely different approach to all things concerning copyright protection. It is no coincidence our service bears the word “analyzer” as a part of its name. Just as an example of our attitude towards our trade, has updated its detection software to make it analyze the writing style of the checked text.

It is no secret that a cross point of several different writing styles is the first sign of possible borrowings. Such an analysis does not pose any problem for a human: any suspicious composition consisting of several eclectic parts raises a red flag. However, the problem lies in explaining the difference between writing styles using artificial intelligence on a computer. After all, our machinery possesses neither human intellect nor our human experience.

Thanks to philological experience the programmers of have, the problem was finally solved with a new version of our plagiarism detection software. By analyzing the usage of various lexical elements, short forms and modal verbs, our software is now capable of passing a verdict whether the text bears the mark of academic, judiciary or other writing style. The process of beta-testing revealed that this addition increases the efficiency of our product dramatically.

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