Medical Scrubs Company blue sky scrubs Offers Tips for Bulk Orders of Hospital Uniforms

After receiving a record number of bulk orders since the company opened, blue sky scrubs releases an article on what to look for and how to choose scrubs and uniforms for an office, company, staff, or hospital.

Online PR News – 09-August-2009 – – Medical scrubs Company blue sky scrubs Offers Tips for Bulk Orders of Hospital Uniforms
Austin, TX August 8, 2009 -- blue sky scrubs, a once small hospital uniforms and scrub hats manufacturer, has released an article on what a company should consider before placing a bulk order for their medical staff. blue sky scrubs began as a very small operation, selling their first scrub hat, the 'Pony' hat, in 2005. Since the launch of their website, the medical scrubs company has grown at an amazing rate. This year, the company has fulfilled a record number of bulk orders for many different operations across the globe, including Boston Scientific, UT Houston, and the University of California Irvine, to name just a few. Taking bulk orders has a bit of a learning curve, blue sky scrubs realized almost immediately. There are many things for both the vendor and the customer to take into consideration. Because blue sky scrubs is a fairly small operation and manufactures all of their products in Texas, they are able to fulfill special requests and make exceptions that other larger companies may have a difficult time doing. On the flip side, because they are still small, blue sky scrubs has been working overtime to ensure that each order is fulfilled and that the client has a personal contact so that if questions or additions are needed with the order, the company can call the same person directly.

To make bulk orders of nursing scrubs and medical apparel run smoothly for all manufacturers and their clients, blue sky scrubs issued an article with a few tips to take into consideration. The article follows.

"Buying in Bulk: Choosing Medical Scrubs for your Staff

Hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, as well as veterinary practices and medical reps have the task of choosing the supplier for the staff's medical uniforms. Where to begin? There are about a million medical scrubs companies from which to choose. Whether the staff is made up of just a few or a few hundred, deciding upon what they will be wearing to work is not an easy task, nor is it something that should be taken lightly. First, take into consideration the type of medical practice. For example, a pediatric office or hospital might want to find a company that will supply bright, happy colors or offer prints with popular characters. If working in elderly care, that same company is probably not a good choice unless they offer more subtle prints. Once it has been decided which type of apparel is best suited for the practice, narrow down suppliers through the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful tool for purchasing scrubs online and for researching what each company has to offer. Through the Internet, there is access to company information, reviews, prices, quality guarantees, group discounts, shipping estimates, and much more. To begin, choose five companies from the search. Be sure to visit each supplier's website and browse through their selection.

For example purposes only, an OB/GYN practice is in charge of purchasing every nurse's uniform as well as for the doctors, assistants, and front desk staff. After evaluating all options and taking the size and style of the staff members into consideration, perhaps a solid color would be best. However, so as not to make the office look too drab, perhaps add variety by choosing two colors: one for the doctors and the other color for the rest of the staff. Being in an OB office, a solid pink and a solid blue would be appropriate.

Now that the type of scrubs have been chosen, look at the staff. Like every office, there is a combination of people. There might be a male doctor, a few female doctors - one who is older and thin, one who is young and very tall, and one who is very 'Plain Jane' and shows no interest in fashion. Then, there are the nurses which are likely good combination of skin tones and colors, hair colors, body types, and style preferences. First, make sure that the company who may be supplying the medical scrubs offers both men's and women's medical wear. Second, make sure that the uniforms they do offer are not too limited. For example, not all want an elastic waist that's actually at the waist. But then, not all want our scrubs to sit at the hips, either. A good variety is best. However, with variety, make sure that the same fabric color and thread will be an exact match across the board. It would not look professional if the women who are wearing, for example, Urbane tops to be mis-matched if they choose Dickies bottoms.

After verifying that the colors will match among styles, contact the company to see if they are willing to offer a bulk discount for your office. If they are not willing, then consider whether or not it would be wise to purchase from them. While communicating with the uniform supplier, ask questions such as prices on shipping, if they will offer free shipping for a bulk order, if they have any items on backorder, if the scrubs that the office wants to order will be offered for a long period of time or if they are a limited offer. At some point, it will be necessary to order more uniforms in the future for new employees, how easy will this be? Also weigh the benefit of working with a small company versus the benefit of ordering from a larger manufacturer. Small companies will probably work harder to make a positive impression, but larger companies may have more of a supply, which makes future orders a little easier.

Once the office has been established with an account, be sure that the discount will apply for any item at any time with the initial discount. Also, if the medical practice needs embroidery or their logo monogrammed on the scrub tops, ask if the company who will be supplying the office's uniforms if they provide the service or if they can recommend someone. If not, it should not be too difficult to find a local facility to add the company logo and/or the employee's names.

For larger companies who are ordering for hundreds or thousands of employees across many cities and/or states, there are a few more thoughts to consider, such as individual shipping, the ability for the employees to order directly from the web and still receive a discount, special orders for those who are oddly proportioned (some people really are 7 ft tall - be sure that this company can accommodate that), etc. Hopefully, these few tips will make ordering for the office a little less stressful and will help avoid future problems with ordering from the same supplier."

If interested in placing a bulk order with blue sky scrubs, please contact, visit their website, or contact Andrea Mueller, whose contact information is below.

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