Tears Releases Their Own Brand Of Heavy Music

Released in late April of 2010, “Memories of Things Unnecessary” by Heavy Metal / Hard Rock outfit Tears has been turning heads all over the music industry. Aggressive yet refined, they create a perfect blend of old school and modern Metal, Goth, Hard Rock and more. In a time where many Musicians are following trends and settling, the Band Tears is constantly evolving and writing their own rules. This music goes beyond stylistic boundaries, goes beyond social and cultural backgrounds of any kind..it speaks straight to the heart and is somehow clenching in the most profound way.

Online PR News – 21-June-2010 – – Los Angeles, California, – Since 1999, Tears has been the brainchild of Singer, Guitarist, and Keyboardist Gouaime Divanis. After studying Contemporary music in Goldsmith’s University of London, Divanis began to incorporate this style into his own brand of melodic Rock for a unique and extremely deep sound. Originally located in Athens, Greece, Tears has since moved from Athens to England, and now resides in Los Angeles. Their unique approach to music incorporates classical training with the raw edge of Heavy Metal for an unrelenting style that seems impossible to ignore.

Completely unique and technical in their approach, Tears bridges the gap between Progressive and Classic. Showing a level of maturity that fans will find mesmerizing, the Band is able to move the genre ahead while still incorporating elements that Metal fans find alluring. Frontman Gouime Divanis uses his music as a personal catharsis, a place where he can always find himself to express his deepest views on life and music with listeners. Even with the music industry today being filled with so many generic Metal bands looking only to follow, Tears has somehow found a way to break through the mediocre and share their unique sound with the masses.

Pushing the envelope of Heavy Metal, Tears takes an honest approach and pounds it into the ears of listeners. The contemporary education combined with the willingness to take creative expression to the next level is what makes Tears a far cry from many other Heavy Metal bands within the scene. Recorded at High End Studios and Goldsmith’s Studio at the University of London, “Memories of Things Unnecessary” is an eclectic album that isn’t confined to toe the lines of each genre perfectly. After the release of their album, the Band will be gigging nonstop throughout the California landscape and attempting to expand as far as possible with their energetic live performances.

“Memories of Things Unnecessary” is currently available for sale at many online music retailers including CD Baby and Amazon, as well as Tears official site at http://www.tearsband.com. Don’t miss one of the most progressive and inventive acts in the Metal scene as Tears.


To learn more about Tears visit http://www.tearsband.com