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Online PR News – 21-June-2010 – – Savannah, Georgia – June 20, 2010 – Carden Media Online is a cell phone directory company that is based and operates out of Savannah. They have launched a website – Reverse Phone Lookup New – where you can take full advantage of their reverse phone lookup services. This website helps people to identify prank calls, identify cell phone numbers, landline numbers and even unlisted numbers! This website can be found at:

According to Aaron Martin, Alabama, US, “As a Owner Operator of a private investigation firm and licensed Private Investigator I have several tools a my immediate disposal”, and goes on to say, “yours is by far the most reasonable and reliable, and am ashamed to say I paid far more through other legitimate sources for far less reliable information."

"This is by far the best source for people search on the net, period” says Robert P, Florida, “I have tried so many free and paid services within many months and nothing come close, trust me!”

This website was set up in order to help people with their unknown phone number problems. Almost everyone uses a cell phone and so also, prank calls and related incidents have increased. This site provides people with a way to trace the phone calls that they may be getting from unlisted or unknown numbers with the help of phone reverse lookup.

With the phone detective, you can easily find out who is behind a prank call. Also, you can find out whom your son or daughter has been talking to and find out if your spouse has been secretly talking to someone with the reverse phone lookup number service. Many married couples are not faithful to each other and if in case any one suspects the other of cheating, this service will enable them to find out if they were right. The service is intended for people to find out complete information about the owners of the phone numbers. This means that they will even be able to do background checks on unknown callers.

The reverse free phone lookup feature is essential these days with the number of hoax and prank calls increasing day by day. With this website, that is exactly what is provided. People will be able to identify unknown callers and pranksters and report them to the authorities appropriately or take action against them. This ‘lookup phone reverse’ feature gives people an edge over others as they will have access to all information and details about any unknown callers or pranksters. The primary purpose of this website is to assist people in finding out all the information and identifying every unknown caller that people may come across.

Carden Media Online is a company that specializes in reverse phone look up cell and landline services. As a phone detective service, they have been ranked #1 by many customer surveys. Their services include a reverse phone lookup free service as well as a paid service.

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