Guarantee Acceptance Launches New Website Focusing Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

Guarantee Acceptance Launches New Website Focusing Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

Online PR News – 20-June-2010 – – WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Florida-based Guarantee Acceptance has recently launched its website to provide consumers with more options for critical illness and cancer insurance coverage, as well as to introduce Americans to one of the most valuable health insurance products already found throughout Europe and Canada.

As the United States plays catch up to other developed nations in providing health care to all its citizens, Americans are quickly discovering ancillary insurance products already used by many Europeans and Canadians to supplement their health insurance coverage. Indemnification plans, such as those critical illness and cancer insurance policies, provide added security and peace of mind for consumers by providing additional coverage when such a serious diagnosis arises and generates additional expenses typically as much as $100,000.

Although basic health insurance provides some coverage, most basic plans still require policyholders to pay a share of the costs, through high deductibles and co-insurance requirements. Most plans also have limits and restrictions on what they will cover. This is also very common in universal health coverage nations, such as Australia, India, Canada, Great Britain and most of Europe.

To alleviate the burden of out-of-pocket expenses, many Europeans and Canadians purchase ancillary health insurance products, such as cancer insurance or critical illness insurance coverage. With nearly three million cases a year, it is typically one of the least expensive and yet most needed insurance policies today.

Unlike basic health plans, cancer insurance and critical illness insurance policies provide a lump sum payment to the insured whenever a covered diagnosis arises. These lump sum payments can then be used to cover deductibles, co-insurance, co-payment requirements, clinical trials, home health care, mortgage payments or anything the insured sees fit.

“We believe that Americans will soon discover the value and importance of critical illness insurance coverage, as the history of universal health care worldwide has already proven,” said Lance Zeidman, president of Guarantee Acceptance. “With or without universal healthcare, critical illness and cancer insurance coverage can provide affordable alternatives and a beneficial complement to basic health insurance policies for as little as $50 per month.” helps consumers navigate through their various critical illness, critical care and cancer insurance options with information and direct access to trained consultants who can answer questions and guide consumers through the application process. For more information, consumers nationwide can visit

About provides information about critical care, critical illness and cancer insurance plans for consumers nationwide. Critical illness insurance is an indemnification policy that provides lump sum payments for a policyholder, which can then be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses not covered by traditional health insurance policies. Critical illness insurance can also allow consumers to replace the loss of income and cover the non-medical bills that also arise when critical illness or cancer strikes. For more information, consumers are invited to visit or call 1-866-666-4678.