Key West Dive Center welcomes new dive instructors for Vandenburg trips

Key West Dive Center brings in ten new dive instructors in order to help with the growing demand for dive trips out to the new Vandenburg shipwreck

Online PR News – 16-August-2009 – – Last month, the world of Key West scuba diving was forever changed with the sinking of the 700-foot-long USS Vandenburg. The Vandenburg became the largest Key West diving shipwreck trip and one of the world’s biggest. Scuba divers from all over the world have been flocking to Key West to experience this one-of-a-kind Key West scuba diving trip.

In order to meet the growing demand for Vandenburg dive trips, Key West Dive Center has welcomed ten new dive instructors from the Upper and Lower Keys. Considered an advanced dive, Open Water-certified divers are required to dive alongside one of our Key West diving instructors. Advanced Open Water divers are given the option of diving with or without an instructor, though it is recommended to go with one.

"The sinking of the Vandenburg is the most exciting thing to happen to Key West diving," says long-time Key West scuba dive master Leo Rodriguez. "It is the most unique dive we have now and with our expanded team of dive instructors we are able to get anyone interested out to the shipwreck."

Most of the ten new instructors joining the Key West Dive Center team have been working as dive instructors and dive masters for over 10 years. They share a passion for diving and, in particular, Key West diving. "In the United States, there is nothing quite like a Key West scuba diving trip," says Judy Richter, a dive instructor who moved to the Keys fifteen years ago.

The USS Vandenburg shipwreck dive has been seeing divers for almost two months now. The ins and outs of the ship are being figured out daily by expert divers. The Key West Dive Center ( ) is the premier Key West scuba diving center and has been offering USS Vandenburg trip since the first day tehy were available. The center also offers all types of scuba diving trips ( ), certifications, refresher courses, dive-in-a-day courses, and Key West snorkeling ( ).

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