L.A. Start-Up marketHEIST Assembles Professional Financial Resources into a Consumer Investing Guide

marketHEIST.com debuts with reviews, in-depth tools and services, tutorials, and educational material, for investment and financial information that helps to discern trustworthy, useful products in an industry filled with a lot of “noise”.

Online PR News – 20-June-2010 – – Los Angeles, CA, June 16, 2010 – MarketHeist, LLC launches marketHEIST.com, an investing and trading resource guide. marketHEIST.com gives individuals an alternative to learn the stock market beyond watching Jim Cramer, reading Yahoo! Finance, and the slow progress through trial and error. The site features reviews & in-depth guides on investing and trading tools, educational material, and information. The same resources that professionals use and the same experts that train professionals are brought together publicly on marketHEIST.com, giving individuals the same opportunity of building wealth and making a living from the market.

Co-Founded by college roommates Jeffrey Lin and Shane Ouchi, two Harvey Mudd College Alumni who bonded over Chicago Bulls basketball and incurable allergies, marketHEIST.com aims to give individuals a central portal to find all quality resources related to investing and trading.

“Knowing what stock to buy is not as important as the techniques of how to buy, when to buy, and what tools to use for analysis. Many fund managers making millions of dollars can only do so with special tools & exclusive services. What separates the professionals from most folks are the training, tools, availability of material information, and the training to interpret that information. Nowadays, all of this is readily available to the public but most people wouldn’t know where to look for them. We've organized them all in one place.” says MarketHeist CEO Jeffrey Lin.

Built as the CNET.com of finance, marketHEIST.com reviews, rates and educates consumers on all types of products so they understand the products as well as the technical aspects behind specific tools and services. These include brokers, newsletters, mentoring programs, and books organized in a way that makes it easy for consumers to find something right for them. All staff and financial industry contributors featured on marketHEIST.com are seasoned investors, analysts and traders, using their years of experience to help consumers evaluate financial services.

"Our website incorporates the latest in web design concepts and technology, allowing consumers to find any listed investing or trading resource through up to 30 different options." says Jeffrey Lin, who learned trading on a computer after being bedridden from near-terminal allergies. Products for trading all major asset classes are listed including stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, and commodities. Resources are displayed in a gallery format similar to Amazon.com, allowing consumers to compare products side by side and browse all products from one page. For those who already know which financial company's products they are interested in, they may jump directly to that brand's profile, which is modeled after facebook profiles.

“For financial industry professionals and companies, we focus on PR and marketing, cross-promotions, business consultation, and in some cases, exclusively representing their products on our site. This helps to create an environment where we can be innovative and combine a group of credible, professional products, and collaborate with these highly trained individuals to bring the financial and investment industry one step closer to the consumer,” says Shane Ouchi, MarketHeist CFO.