Nitnem English Translation with Transliteration Released

An excellent English Translation of Nitnem has been released recently which makes it possible for Sikhs or Sikhism enthusiasts with Zero or little Knowledge of Gurmukhi to Understand Nitnem Banis with breeze ease .

Online PR News – 19-June-2010 – – A New English Translation Of Nitnem has been released online which has made it very easy for a non Gurmukhi - learned to read and understand the banis of nitnem and implement its teachings in their day to day life . This is one of the best English translations of Nitnem to be ever released . The translation contains the bani in Gurmukhi followed by its transliteration in English (the bani written in English so that it can be read as it is read in Punjabi ) and the English translation on the corresponding page . The meanings have been beautifully written and make it very easy to understand the bani of nitnem . Following is the table of contents of the Nitnem English Translation to give you some idea of all the banis that have been included in this Nitnem Translation :
Table of Contents :
Japji Sahib
Jaap Sahib
Tva Prasaad Savaiye ( Sravag Suddh)
Chaupaee Sahib (Hamree Karo )
Anand Sahib
Shabad Hajaare
Shabad Hajaare Pa :10
Tva Prasaad Savaiye ( Pa 10 : Deenan Ki )
Tva Prasaad Chaupaee ( Pranvo Aad )
Barah Maha
Raihraas Sahib

The nitnem translation can be accessed online at