Archer Manufacturing Works to Improve Public Health with a Reinforced Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

To improve public health, Archer Manufacturing announces the release of their newly enhanced - patented - industrial grade soap dispenser, the OPS® 1-TOUCH™.

Online PR News – 18-September-2013 – San Francisco, CA – Public Health studies have shown soap dispensers used in many public bathrooms harbor unsafe levels of bacteria that cause sickness. Unfortunately, these same dispensers are often targets for vandals, which exacerbate the problem further.

Prior studies published by the American Society for Microbiology demonstrated that approximately one in four bulk refillable liquid soap dispensers in public restrooms are contaminated, and that washing with soap from dispensers with sealed cartridges significantly reduced bacteria on hands.

Additionally, repairing or replacing soap dispensers from vandalism is a reality that most facilities face every day. Whether it’s a school, hospital, park, stadium, municipality, prison, restaurant, bar, or transportation agency – everyone faces the threat of broken or stolen soap dispensers.

For years, Archer Manufacturing has provided a superior solution for these problems with their newest commercial soap dispenser: the OPS® 1-TOUCH™. In order to better protect facilities from vandalism, Archer Manufacturing has upgraded their line with new innovative, tamper proof features that make them ideal for facilities such as schools, hospitals, parks, and prisons.

A spokesman for the company when asked about why they further improved the dispensers said, “After working closely with dozens of Government Agencies, Architects, Nurses, Doctors, and Safety Specialists all over the country, we decided to improve our dispensers to better meet the needs of our clients. After completing facility evaluations at prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and various government agencies, we sent dispensers to engineers at different facilities and asked them to test them under extreme conditions. Based upon the results we were able to make improvements that have greatly increased the strength and durability of the dispenser beyond its original design, and have also expanded the safety aspects as well.”

The spokesman then went into details about the great improvements that have been made to the original dispenser’s design. These include the following changes:

1. A new stainless steel plate has been riveted to the front of the dispenser in order to strengthen it against the impact of kicks and punches.

2. The corners of the dispenser have been closed and are now flush so there are no spaces where a shoelace or string can be caught or pushed into.

3. The “lip” or bottom of the push plate has been removed. Now should a vandal attempt to grip the push plate in order to pull on it - his hand will simply slide right off.

4. Two additional rivets as well as some spot welded stainless steel have been installed to reinforce the strength of the push plate.

5. The gap at the bottom of the dispenser has been completely filled with a stainless steel, metal flange. Now nothing can be forced up and into the dispenser, making it far more vandal proof and ligation resistant.

The spokesman further added, “Our dispensers are known for their high quality and have never had a failure under real life conditions. Moreover, we want to better serve our customers with continuous product improvements. Archer Manufacturing is committed to providing the community with a safe, indestructible, and bacteria free soap dispenser. We look forward to getting the OPS® 1-TOUCH™ soap dispenser into every school, hospital, park, and prison facility in the US, which we know will reduce illness and provide peace of mind wherever they are used.”

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About Archer Manufacturing

Archer Manufacturing has been serving the public for over 20 years. The patented OPS® 1-TOUCH™ commercial grade foaming soap dispenser offers dependable sanitary delivery, high yield and is 100% tamper proof. The dispenser is wall-mounted in a way that makes it impossible for a vandal to rip it off. The OPS 1-TOUCH is kick proof, punch proof, and knife proof. The additional enhancements further ensure that the soap within the disperser cannot be contaminated or tampered with while keeping maintenance and labor costs to a minimum.

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