iFlexweb Using Cairngorm Framework for Rapid Flex Development

iFlexweb is using Cairngorm framework to rapidly create Internet Rich Applications for its various Flex development projects.

Online PR News – 19-June-2010 – – Flex development has taken Rich Internet Applications (RIA) to new heights. The ever changing demands of the internet users are pushing the software development companies to develop better internet applications.

iFlexweb is a well established Flex development company and uses Cairngorm in its projects. Cairngorm is the lightweight micro-architecture for Rich Internet Applications built in Flex or AIR. It is best suited for RIA development and makes it easier for the large teams of the software engineers to deliver RIA rich solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

Cairngorm helps in rapid completion of the Flex development project. It allows the Flex developer, data-services developer and component developers to work in parallel. This is great feature and allows Flex development company to break the entire project into small components. Each component is handled by a team of developers and these teams work in parallel with each other. This removes bottlenecks from the work flow and speeds up the project. Beside this Cairngorm allows easy maintenance of the deployed projects and facilitates easy removal of the bugs from the system. This ensures smooth working of the entire system with minimal downtime or hassles for the end users.

Internet is evolving at a faster rate and Cairngorm provides enough room to Flex developer to integrate or change an interactive feature later on, in an existent or under development, software project.

iFlexweb is using Cairngorm to develop medium to large sized Internet Rich Applications for its various projects. The projects range from online hospitality management to financial services. The parallel working concept has enabled iFlexweb to deliver high quality Internet applications, well within deadline and to complete satisfaction of its clients. The automated testing feature in Cairngorm saves time and eliminates any chance of the human error, during the final quality control check, before handing over of the completed project to the client. This ensures complete compliance to the quality norms laid down in the contract.