Indian SEO Community has hit the Mark of 2000 Members in Just 2 Months

Indian SEO Community has almost created a new hallmark in the field of SEO discussion and mutual comradeship among the SEOs of India.

Online PR News – 19-June-2010 – – Indian SEO Community came into existence just two months back and within a very small span of time it has created a unique place for itself with lots of supporters. We asked Mr. Ashish Arora, the Co-Founder of Indian SEO Community, about the success secret of the community and he answered, "We have been very successful till now but success knows no limit and we are working towards further success. Our aim was to create such an online forum on which anyone could depend, whenever they had any query related to SEO or internet marketing. Keeping this aim in mind, Indian SEO Community was developed. The central idea was not only to bring well-calibrated SEOs together but also amateurs and experts together, so that the professionals could discuss something meaningful and at the same time the novice SEOs or learners could learn something new."

The community is a learning ground for its members where they come across different aspects of internet marketing. It is just like joining a class and taking lessons on all the aspects of the trade. Explaining this point, Mr. Arora said, "if you own an online business and want to boost up your trade, SEO is the best method, but once you enter the arena of a certain trade you hardly have any time to learn some other techniques even if they are helpful in enhancing your business. But joining up a certain online community which provides guidance in that field is an easier option. Every day plenty of people turn to the community for support and guidance. They get to interact with the experts of internet marketing and thus they get to learn. This way not just knowledge is shared but also a mutual comradeship is maintained among these people."

The online forum has gained immense popularity in just two months. It has gained almost 2000 members within such a less time. This point, itself shows the success of the community. It is for sure that without any uniqueness such a high level of popularity is not possible. We asked Mr. Arora about the popularity, he smiled and said, "It is true that Indian SEO Community has gained much popularity. It has gained almost 2000 members in just 2 months. It makes us really happy because increased number of members indicate knowledge and creativity reaching maximum number of people making various aspects of SEO more easily accessible to people. Even our page at Facebook has reached 1000+ fans. If you visit our site you will find regular participation of the members. They keep posting new discussion topics and keep moving on the discussion threads. The real success of the site is because of its members who are very active and are always ready to share their knowledge with others."

Mr. Arora ended the discussion telling about the beneficial aspects of the community, "we keep updating the forum with new features which are not only beneficial but also quite interesting. There are various sections under which you get to know various different things. Just talking about the features will not do any good. It will prove beneficial to you only when you will use them at and become a part of the companionship!"