Lose Weight and Get Fit for The Summer With Hypnosis

If you could use your mind to overcome your obstacles in your weight and health, would you do it?

Online PR News – 18-June-2010 – – Brandon May, The Young Hypnotist, has launched a summer initiative to help people shape up, lose weight and become healthy by changing the way their minds believe about eating and exercise. The program was developed with the thought of overall health—not just weight loss—but the health of the mind, body and heart. It is designed to all individuals who are wanting to move into an optimal state of health and wellness, while getting fit at the same time.

“This hypnosis program doesn't just focus on the number on the scale, which is far from healthy,” says Brandon May, hypnotist and owner of HypnoticSubliminals.com, “It helps those to accept their bodies as beautiful, and lose weight in a healthy way (or gain it, depending on the persons' needs and desires), and it is my most powerful program devoted to helping people to love exercise and eat healthy. Those who use the program feel the need to wake up in the morning with energy, and first thing on their minds is getting in some healthy exercise, and then, healthy nutrition.”

Not only does this hypnosis program help one find those inner issues that are blocking ultimate health, by replacing old belief patterns with new, empowering beliefs, but it also uses subliminal affirmation programing. This is designed to delve deep into the mind to provide new thoughts and beliefs that you are healthy and that you enjoy health foods and exercise. Once your subconscious mind believes this, your conscious mind starts to act on it immediately.

Brandon, a young hypnotist, entrepreneur and college student, also uses his education in nutrition and fitness with this program, “Hypnosis for a Healthy Lifestyle” in a 25-page eBook, incorporating healthy low-calorie recipes, tips on exercises, what fats to eat and what not to (this section is the most surprising!) and a list of things to ultimately reduce in one's life to add value to it in return. Many studies are showing that hypnosis is beneficial for people on a weight loss, or weight gain (lean muscle) program, in the short term and the long term. But will it work for you? The science is saying a most definite, “YES”. Hypnosis works on the majority, and more and more people are now finding it as a wonderful tool for relaxation and transformation.

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