NATO Supply Line Chokes U.S. Troops as Rapid Deployment to Afghanistan Announced

Increased U.S. troop deployment into Afghanistan means growing pressure on the already failing NATO supply route, which provides vital provisions into the Middle East region. Mondo International, Inc. an organization specializing in logistics and transportation into war zones outlines the need for an immediate new NATO supply route and the essential elements to create it.

Online PR News – 06-January-2009 – – WASHINGTON, DC, -- The plan announced by Secretary of Defense Gates to rapidly increase US troop deployment into Afghanistan means even more supplies must make its way through the already choked NATO Supply Route. US Department of Defense contractor Mondo International, Inc. believes a new Distribution Network into Afghanistan is needed immediately. “The time for a new NATO supply route is now, it will be difficult, but it is possible with the right team,” says Tommy Hakimi, CEO of Mondo International, Inc. Due to increased insecurity in Pakistan and escalating terrorist attacks to the existing route, US officials have begun looking for new alternatives.

Mondo International, Inc, a worldwide organization specializing in logistics and transportation in the war zone is an outspoken proponent of a new route through Europe and Afghanistan’s northern borders. Mondo is currently a designated Prime Vendor for the Department of Defense and Defense Logistics Agency.

Increased violence, kidnapping’s and the Taliban threat makes the current NATO route a constricted corridor open to consistent and now predicable ambush on a daily basis. Brutal attacks and costly theft make this hot zone nearly impassible. The safe passage of supplies US troops depend on for survival has become a concern for US officials as they struggle to find the appropriate solution. “The key is to create a new route based on existing relations and land controlled by US friendly entities. Being an American/Afghani company, Mondo understands the region and has many key partnerships in this area which will prove beneficial.” says Hakimi.

More troops mean an increase in demand for the free-flow of fuel and other life saving supplies that must travel this corridor. Mondo advocates that a new logistics supply chain process be established by assembling the right team with existing and trustworthy relationships in the region. Hakimi says, “Solutions need to be found fast. Our in-country Afghani staff has knowledge of the culture, customs and practices of the area and routinely facilitates an open channel of distribution.” Hakimi also points out the importance of sipping a cup of tea and sharing bread with their neighbors from the North, as they regularly do.

Without this new supply route to Afghanistan, the Taliban chokehold over the US and NATO Coalition Forces will intensify as every soldier reports to their Area of Responsibility within the Theatre of Operations. A trustworthy, efficient and safer supply route will ensure our brave men and women receive their essential supplies to succeed in their Missions.

About Mondo International:
Mondo international, Inc is a worldwide organization that provides logistics, distribution, transportation, warehousing and other services across the globe, specifically in war zones. Mondo has field offices and facilities throughout Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, China, Pakistan, Dubai and the UK. Mondo has also established a non-profit welfare organization in Afghanistan to fund a technical school for youths in the Kunar Province. For more information visit Media inquires contact Ryan Prucker at 315.430.7584

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