A Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Reaches Out to Other Areas for some Amazing Results

David J. Joffe proves himself again as a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer that he can properly handle white collar crimes.

Online PR News – 18-June-2010 – – FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA - June 19, 2010 - Good lawyers can be difficult to find especially if the situation involves high profile business personnel including CEOs, stockbrokers, bank officers, entrepreneurs, and even other attorneys. These types of people are classified as white-collar workers because of their huge responsibilities in their respective industries. As long as these workers are doing their jobs properly, the business should be more respectable by consumers, investors, and other people that are aware of the business. Problems can arise once these individuals take the wrong turn ending up being accused for crimes and that is why good lawyers that can deal with white collar crimes are needed. David J. Joffe is a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer that has an extensive background that has reached out to other areas in the past.

Since 1989, David J. Joffe has been putting his criminology skills to good use to solve some of the most serious crimes that business clients experience. He reach the top "AV" rank after he personally dealt with over 500 federal criminal cases in various areas in Florida including West Palm Beach, Miami, Tampa, Panama City, Tallahassee, and other areas. The "AV" rank is considered the "highest level of professional excellence" according to the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry. This rank has been attained by few attorneys highlighting enough proof that David J. Joffe is far ahead of the pack.

One of the attributes of his success is his ability to handle a large variety of cases including antitrust violations, conspiracy cases, tax evasion, Internet fraud, and other white collar crimes and corporate issues.

Joffe's past history led him to his current work as a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer representing a law firm called "Joffe & Joffe". One of the main objectives of this law firm is to come up with legal solutions and defenses without the clients getting involved in trials or suffering from charges. People that suffer from prison sentences as a result may seek legal help from the firm.

Joffe & Joffe's website - http://www.joffelaw.com shows David J. Joffe's accomplishments as a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer and criminal lawyer in other locations. It also doubles as an introductory site for people that are not very familiar with criminal law as well as some sample and appellate cases for reference. Site guests can use "Confidential Consultation" form for assistance or check out the "Breaking Legal News" section of the front page which retrieves a number of articles taken from a variety of trusted law sources. Jaffe also has a section in his website containing some of his favorite law sites and links along with his social networking profiles. David J. Joffe can also be contacted directly using the "Contact Us" form.

It is important for people taking up top positions to consult legal services like the services that David J. Joffe offers. Getting accused for a crime can put the entire company's assets and social status at risk. Those that live in any of the covered Florida areas including Fort Lauderdale have the best accessibility to his services. With his growing record, David J. Joffe plans to reach out to even more areas showing that he is one of the few attorneys that can help key personnel with their legal issues.

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