What a party, at work with Mum and Dad!

Resounding success for the Open Day organized in Bormioli Rocco’s six Italian plants on May 21. Altogether 450 children of company employees enjoyed an unforgettable afternoon: firstly in the offices or on the factory floor together with their parents, and then – after a mouthwatering snack – in the company of magicians and make-up artists

Online PR News – 18-June-2010 – – Bormioli Rocco’s Open Day event, where children of company personnel spent the day with their parents at work, proved extremely popular.

On 21 May, the gates of the Fidenza headquarters and of the company’s other five bases in Italy – in Castelguelfo, Trezzano, Altare, Rivazzano and Bergantino – were opened wide to welcome over 450 children up to 15 years of age. These miniature VIPs spent the first part of the afternoon sharing their parents’ various workplaces, in the offices or other parts of the establishments: here they got to know their colleagues and their workplace atmosphere, as well as what their jobs involve. Children between 6 and 15 years old were also taken on guided tours where they were able to learn how glass is turned into cups, bowls, glasses and jars.

In the second part of the afternoon everyone came together for delicious sweet and savory snacks, and took part in fun and games with conjuring and make-up events until it was time to return home. At the end of the day every child took away not only a treasure-trove of laughter and happy memories, but also a gift T-shirt.

It was truly a special day, offering a shared experience that was a big step in building mutual awareness and friendship, reinforcing personal relationships between colleagues and also the sense of being part of a group and identifying with its values.

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