My911 Smartphone App Sets Mark As First to Be Approved For Emergency Response and Well

The My911 smartphone app became first app to be approved for providing emergency response services. The app features a patented automatic crash detection function using the phone's accelerometer.

Online PR News – 18-June-2010 – – A new aspect of cell phone usefulness has recently been marketed as the My911 (My-911) smartphone app. The My911 app’s prime feature is an Automatic Crash Response (or Automatic Collision Notification) technology unique to My911 in the phone world which employs the cell phone’s accelerometer to detect crash-level G-forces. When a crash force is detected, My911 app acts similarly to the automatic crash notification systems found in many lines of autmobiles, the My911 app automatically calls an emergency 911 operator, unless manually cancelled. In addition, it brings roadside assistance, severe weather alerts, a 24/7 nurse hotline, and search and rescue and Medivac coverage up to $30,000, together in one app, along with other safety features such as high crime area alerts, personal location notification to loved ones, a $10,000 abduction reward, and homeland and travel status notification.

My911 is distinguished as the only available Smartphone app which has been approved to provide many of these services commercially. For the first time, automatic crash response is available to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians--anyone, in fact, who carries a smartphone. Furthermore, My911 includes a variety of other personal features with the purpose of bringing every possible form of personal safety that technology has provided into one place.

My911 CEO and Founder Larry Hurwitz explains, "The My911 app combines so many existing technologies with its own innovations, and in such a logical way, that people are saying 'Why didn't I think of that?' It's the comprehensive smartphone app for personal wellbeing and its reception on the market will reflect that."

The app goes beyond physical safety with its personal location notifier. With the touch of a button, it allows the user to inform up to five different people of your location, accompanied with a message. This feature takes stress off of the parents of teens, for example, or a spouse.

Hurwitz adds, "My911 is already recognized as the only smartphone app approved for emergency response and wellbeing services. In terms of services offered, quality, and versatility, nothing in the world of smartphones compares."

In addition to day-to-day safety services, My911 provides search and rescue and Medivac coverage, ensuring that even the traveler is never left helpless and covering the cost of emergency services up to $30,000 and 72 hours. It additionally provides a $10,000 abduction reward for information leading to recovery of an abducted subscriber. This smart phone app also knows the number of emergency services in other countries (e.g. 112 in Europe and 999 in other countries).