Action Hero Franchise Uses R.I.G. Technology to Bring Gamers Back to Reality

R.I.G. technology, (Reality Interactive Gaming) was unveiled last week as the partner app to the new action hero franchise, Dark Prophet.

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Hollywood, California – R.I.G. technology , (Reality Interactive Gaming) was unveiled last week as the partner app to the new action hero franchise, Dark Prophet . The technology allows gamers and fans to engage on all interactive platforms and in the real world. R.I.G. promises to bring the fan back into the real world through engaging content and clues placed outside the digital world. Fans will interact through GPS, Bluetooth, push notification and even snapping coded photos at retail locations.

The franchise, created and directed by Evette Vargas (Batman, Universal, Warner Bros., Maverick Entertainment-Madonna) under Digital Reign, employs the use of R.I.G. technology in ways that allow fans and gamers to interact through game apps, social media, sms and even within the show. Interactive marketing consultant, Jody Sigmund developed the technology to offer ways for advertisers to interact with their audience without the need for traditional advertising. Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) explains the importance of engaging fans through entertainment, giving them what they want, when they want it and without commercials.

Evette Vargas says she’s interested in partnering with media outlets like Netflix as they offer what the viewer wants and delivers on their terms. Traditional advertising is failing because the end user doesn’t want to pause life for an advertisement. The technology will increase exposure for artists and labels through shared music tracks within gaming sequences, downloads and in-game purchases. Fans will be asked to decode music tracks revealing clues. The information can then be shared and downloaded through their phone while they’re watching an episode.

R.I.G. developer, Jody Sigmund says, “Certain features won’t be revealed until we go live. Products, DJs and music tracks will be scripted into all media platforms and are being offered on a limited basis. We want products that fit the storyline.”

The franchise is seeking investor for short term ROI and royalty options. In a recent interview Vargas said the franchise is seeking top app and gaming developers for future interactive components.

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