The Single Mothers Summit

A FREE Online Event for Single Mothers. 12 Single Mom Guest Speakers, Authors, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Coaches.

Online PR News – 18-June-2010 – – The Single Mom Revolution is an online community committed to closing the economic gap faced by most single mothers in the country by grooming them for entrepreneurship, and teaching them money management skills. The Single Mom Revolution is presently on Facebook, but will be transitioning to a membership online alliance in August 2010. As part of their pre-launch campaign they are announcing The Single Mothers Summit 2010, a fee online premiere event. This six-week series will spotlight 12 single mom business owners, authors, bloggers, coaches and entrepreneurs.

The objective of the Single Mother’s Summit is to showcase talented and successful single mothers that are using their skills and gifts to create better lives for themselves. The reason for this is to set an example that even in anyone’s current circumstances there are ways to pursue their dreams and overcome their obstacles. This will encourage other single mothers that they can take the necessary steps towards change in their lives. This is for support from one single mom to many single moms. During each interview and conversation the guest speakers will share principles, strategies or tools that they used to succeed, focusing mostly on their personal journey.

This free online event will be a six-week series starting Monday, July 5th to Thursday, August 12th. You can register at