The new version of JQuery which is JQuery 2.0 has been already published

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Online PR News – 11-September-2013 – Beijing – Beijing - The publishing of the JQuery 2.0 has symbolized that the development of jQuery JavaScript library has entered into a new age. The size of predecessor 2.0 version has already reduced i 12 percent compared to the former version. On the other hand, the jQuery slider maker into this software has also been improved greatly. However, the more noteworthy point is that the jQuery 2.0 no longer support on IE6, 7 and 8. This would make the former user have some little trouble. In the past years, the jQuery slider maker has let the website designing become more easily. Today, people could choose HiSlider which is the free software for personal using that could help people create beautiful jQuery image slideshows.

Seven years ago, the jQuery has been firstly created. The creation of this software had let the developer for website write HTML and JavaScript in more simple way. The jQuery¡¯s cross-browser features have already been liked by the majority of developers of all ages. According to a survey at last year, half of the sites on the Internet are using jQuery such as jQuery slider maker. In that kind of situation, the HiSlider would become the new fashion trend in the future.

The other important point is that the new version of jQuery has already stopped the supporting HiSlider to the old version of IE. However, some people would have the puzzle about the usage of the application of the new jQuery. This is not the problem. If people¡¯s site needs to be maintained for IE8 or lower than this version, people could only need to use jQuery1.9 or lower version of that.

The engineer from website has said that the JQuery2.0 could be mainly used in modern networks. The charging man from jQuery which name is Dave Methvin has wrote in Query Foundation website that they have jQuery1.x version which could help people deal with the older browser versions. So, if people want to deal with the old version of website, they could only download the old version of software.

For the new version of Website, the best choice for the web developer should be the HiSlider which is the one kind of free jQuery Slider Software software for personal use. During the past few years, all of the website designer should already see the developing and popularity of the jQuery. However, the beautiful attractively slider would let the traffic of website have a highly increasing. If people want to have this kind of result, the website would be the best place for all of website developer to improve their website¡¯s appearance.