Baby WARSH Cloth Better Than a Sponge Bath, Says Skin Care Expert Maxine Warsh

Skin care expert Maxine Warsh has launched her first product for children with The Baby WARSH Cloth. Designed to clean with water only for infants to toddlers (and on up), the cloth is soft, gentle, and non-abrasive on tender parts.

Online PR News – 10-September-2013 – Toronto, Ontario – “The Baby Warsh Cloth works better than a sponge for baby sponge baths,” says skin care expert Maxine Warsh.

These efficient cloths in mom-friendly colors are, in effect, 10-inch natural baby wipes, but without the additives, and recommended to keep baby skin soft, clean, (green…) and chemical-free. The Baby WARSH Cloth leaves no soapy or chemical residue because they need water only, so it doesn’t make skin dry or chapped. It’s designed for use on baby all over, in the bath and for touch ups from head to toes (and tush). Most doctors and medical sources recommend washing baby with water only and advise a sponge bath daily, but not an immersion bath. The Baby WARSH Cloth is big enough and soft enough for the job.

It’s easy to clean all the creases and crannies, around the neck and ears, and the arms and legs with the Baby WARSH Cloth. “For sponge baths, it works better than a sponge,” says Maxine, whose grown-up version of The WARSH Cloth for removing makeup with water only is her most popular product. “Not only does it make it easier to swish round and carefully and gently clean all the little parts, including round the eyes, mouth, and in the baby creases, it’s easier to wash the cloth itself.”

The Baby WARSH Cloth is easy clean and easy care. Simply wash in soap and water/it can be thrown in the wash and used again and again, which makes it more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. Baby WARSH Cloths keep cleaning for months. “Just wring it out and let it dry/or use damp for quick touch ups.”

Baby WARSH Cloths are $10 each, available online, and have been launched with special offers. BABY GETS 3, MOM GETS 1 FREE (of the Makeup WARSH Cloth for Mom) to try or BABY GETS 4, MOM GETS 2 MORE FREE (of the grownup WARSH Cloth. The launch special includes free shipping for BABY GETS 4, MOM GETS 2 MORE.

About Maxine Warsh

Maxine Warsh has been helping women’s skin (and some men’s) look wonderful for over 10 years, with over 9000 faces treated with anti-aging cosmetic microcurrent. A native of Miami, but with her home base now in Toronto, Maxine has introduced her own line of beauty products, developed a proprietary anti-aging microcurrent system (sometimes called the “electric” face lift) and an-at home model for own use. Maxine Warsh also offers training and business opportunities for practitioners who wish to start their own skin care beauty business, modeled on Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation.

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