eXplorance to Unveil Training Experience Management (TEM) Framework

A revolutionary TEM framework is being introduced to assist higher education institutions in assessing and improving teaching and learning practices.

Online PR News – 11-September-2013 – Montreal, QC – Today, eXplorance announces a new framework, Training Experience Management (TEM), that will serve as the guiding strategy to assist higher education institutions in achieving continuous improvement in the teaching and learning process.

Many colleges and universities are struggling to adapt to rapid technology changes such as ongoing digitization, mobile & social media dominance, and MOOC implementation. Furthermore, market trends such as shrinking budgets, increased competition for students, and high focus on continuing education, are forcing higher education institutions to revisit the role of educators and shift the education paradigm.

Realizing that course evaluation as a stand-alone tool does not provide a complete solution, eXplorance is proposing a new framework to ensure that the shift in the education paradigm is successfully implemented and meets more than just student expectations.

In fact, the higher-education market space involves a complex interplay of many stakeholders, including future employers, governmental accreditation organizations, donors, faculty, department chairs, deans, provosts, CIOs, support staff/facilities, applicants, alumni, and students. While many current feedback tools are geared toward assessing teaching faculty performance, they lack the ability to sufficiently engage all the training stakeholders by timely and accurately providing a broad picture.

Blue, eXplorance’s TEM solution, sets the path to improvement by first focusing on the initial needs assessment and training requirements (e.g. future employer needs, government accreditation and student expectations). Based on these benchmarks, feedback is gathered multiple times during the academic term and results analyzed in real-time. The feedback allows improvements to be made promptly and to be monitored against the benchmarks to ensure that the training experience is providing a high return on expectations to all training stakeholders.

To learn more about the new TEM framework, visit the Training Experience Management page http://www.explorance.com/temhigheredresources/ to view a video or download the whitepaper: Introducing Training Experience Management to Higher Education.

About eXplorance

eXplorance is the leading provider of Training Experience Management (TEM) solutions for higher education, corporate training and organizational management. eXplorance’s Blue includes modules for instructors and course evaluations, psychometric and knowledge test development, 360 degree feedback reviews and broad-based stakeholder surveys. Unlike other solutions, Blue fully focuses on process improvement (and not individual performance), provides positive Return on Expectations (ROE) and engages all stakeholders in a continuous and sustainable improvement cycle.

Founded in 2003, eXplorance is a privately held corporation based in Montreal, Canada. Some of eXplorance’s clients include Boston College, Georgian College, RMIT University, UDLAP, the University of Groningen, the University of Louisville, the University of Pennsylvania and many other organizations such as Centerbridge, Discover, Fidelity and NASA.


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