ORS Labs Presents Destructive Physical Analysis to Test Devices

ORS Labs offers laboratory testing services such as analytical testing, residual gas analysis, DPA lab testing and consulting services.

Online PR News – 11-September-2013 – 10-09-13 Whitesboro/New York – ORS labs, a laboratory testing services provider offers destructive physical analysis (DPA). DPA is performed on the sample to find if the product conforms to the actual design and performance characteristics for which it was actually prepared. Such testing is done by manufacturing companies to ensure that the product produced by them is reliable and fabricated to the requisite standards. The company hosts a specific DPA lab for such applications.

In Destructive Physical Analysis the device is disassembled the device and then inspected on various aspects to provide the complete profile of the sample. The first step performed by ORS labs involves general external inspection and then proceeds for further intricate analysis to check the device on specified aspects. The further steps includes X ray inspection, Internal vapor Analysis, Particle impact Noise detection (PIND), Glassification technique, Bond strength, Die shear strength etc. The radiography step is performed to detect the presence of any internal defects such as cracks etc nondestructively. For better internal inspection the company also performs Optical microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy to get an elaborate internal structure of the sample device.

The company performs stringent quality checks at every step of their analysis to provide accurate results. The labs at ORS utilize the latest instruments and employs experienced technical personnel to perform the testing applications. In words of Mr. Thomas J Rossiter, ( President ORS lab) the company intends to remain as an active participant in the technology of the future and pledges to continue uncompromising analytical services for its clients.

ORS Labs is currently running in its fourth decade to provide analytical testing solutions and employs a talented group of professionals to perform Destructive Physical Analysis.

If you want to know more about DPA testing or want to contact for any kind of consultation the company could be reached at http://www.orslabs.com.