ProofHub Introduces Importing Projects From Basecamp and More Improvisations

ProofHub, an upcoming project management solution, has brought in
some key improvisations in its application for better project management experience.

Online PR News – 11-September-2013 – Sep. 10, 2013 - CLIFTON, N.J. – ProofHub announces its new feature enabling basecamp’s old customers to import their basecamp data into ProofHub. ProofHub, the 2nd best project management software, with its importing projects from Basecamp feature would comfort those users who found it difficult to import their project data from Basecamp Classic into the new ProofHub. This predicament of theirs, has been effectively done away with the introduction of this import projects from Basecamp feature. It will benefit those users whose needs have grown manifold and Basecamp is unable to address these. ProofHub has provided these Basecamp users an opportunity to try ProofHub and discover how useful it can be for them for managing their projects. The users who are actively using ProofHub, but are feeling the need to bring in their old project data from their Basecamp account will be greatly benefited. This would enable transfer of users’ clients, projects, tasks and people from Basecamp into their ProofHub accounts.

This will be a boon for those who are contemplating about a complete switchover from Basecamp to ProofHub. It will be equally useful for those who wish to use Basecamp and ProofHub together. This import facility would lead to smooth transition in both cases.

Email Redesign

In ProofHub, emails plays an important role in communication. It has been ProofHub’s team endeavor to improve communication by making emails more faster and easier to use. They have put in a lot of painstaking effort to study prevalent email design patterns and came up with a clean and clutterless email design. As a result, a user would be able to better focus on a message. This email design has a very human element to it. It is not something artificial, being dished out by a computer. The basics are very much in the design and have not been compromised in any way. The new design can be termed more as a refinement than a redesign.

This new design would help users to focus more on every message that they receive from ProofHub. It would be a delightful experience for them.

IP Restriction

This feature would help an organization to define and track a set of unique IP addresses through which individuals can access services provided by ProofHub. Once these addresses have been clearly identified, an organization can easily control the access of a user to a ProofHub account through a specific IP address.

This feature would help to provide effective solutions in those scenarios where an organization wants its users to access their ProofHub accounts from the office and not from their homes.

Private Milestones

In ProofHub, a milestone is an objective that is related with a set of unique tasks. A milestone is allocated a particular date for completion. When the tasks associated with a particular milestone get executed before or on due date, it is said that the particular milestone has been achieved. Persons added on a milestone receive reminders about the due date of a milestone exactly 48 hours before the due date. Those individuals who are added to a particular milestone, are visible on the ProofHub Calendar and all persons participating in a project can view them.

But some milestones revolve around secret and sensitive tasks and need immediate attention. For achieving this, these milestones can be marked as private. Only those individuals who have been added in a private milestone can view this milestone. All other members participating in a project, are unable to view these individuals on the Calendar, nor they can see the milestone that has been made private.

This feature helps to execute important and sensitive milestones quickly and effectively by keeping them private. It also improves efficiency in a project.

By introducing such enterprising features, ProofHub has succeeded in making its application more user friendly and has uplifted project management experience to a great extent.

About ProofHub:

ProofHub is a web-based project management system that facilitates better management over a project by making it more structured, organized and coordinated. The projects can be executed faster with proper utilization of allocated resources. The tasks can be better distributed, allocated, scheduled, executed, tracked and controlled through use of this tool. It enables easy and spontaneous communication and collaboration amongst team members who may be based in different parts of the world and thus they can resolve important project matters quickly. A project gets finished on time and an organization is able to achieve its key objectives. This helps it to win over new clients and customers and which leads to its growth and prosperity.

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