New Social Media Mashup Project Launches

A New Startup Aims to Mashup Multiple Social Networks and Communication Methods into a Single Unified Service.

Online PR News – 10-September-2013 – Santa Clara, CA – Santa Clara, CA, September 10, 2013 -- A new startup, Revvo, today announces it is developing a service to mashup multiple social networking services and communication methods into a single unified service.

Today, many of us use many different social networking services - such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. - and multiple communication methods - such as emails, phone calls, SMS, etc. - to connect with our loved ones and friends. Typically, we stay in touch with different people using different social networks and communication methods.

Revvo is a service which aims to combine multiple social networks and communication methods into a single unified inbox and outbox. This means that messages from different social networking services and communication methods are aggregated and displayed within one unified service. According to the founder, Kevin K. Han, Revvo redefines the “conversation-view” to mean such aggregation of messages - either for a particular contact or a group of people - from multiple social networks, emails, and different communication methods into one single view. Effectively, Revvo eliminates the need to check for new messages through each social network or communication method.

Revvo will also feature the ability to specify important contacts - family members, loved ones, best friends and important co-workers - and deliver push alert notifications whenever messages are received only from these specified contacts.

Revvo will eventually be available for iPhone, iPad, Android, OS X, Windows and also as a Web Application - as a free service. Revvo is expected to be available in the later half of 2014.

About Revvo:
Revvo is an early-stage startup that aims to develop consumer-oriented software applications to improve, enhance and simplify communications with friends and all important people in our lives. Revvo Website:

Contact: Kevin K. Han, Phone: 1-408-786-5268
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Kevin K. Han
Revvo, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA