Imperial Ballroom Dance Center got a new Website!

Imperial Ballroom Dance Center Scottsdale has just launched their new website full of video galleries and ballroom dancing tutorials. Moreover they have also won the Best of Scottsdale 2013 Award from Scottsdale Award Program.

Online PR News – 10-September-2013 – Scottsdale Arizona – There is something for the dance lovers to cheer about, as the famous Imperial Ballroom Dance Center has launched their new website to facilitate many who are always in search of a top notch dancing institute. Whether you are looking for information on dance classes or any private lessons, it is all just a click away from you. There is no need for you to physically visit the various dance centers and obtain needful information since you can easily get what you want. If learning dance has been your dream and you wish to make moves like any of your favorite dance celebrities, it is time to turn this into reality.

About Imperial Ballroom Dance Center

As one of the premier ball room dance studios in North America or Arizona to be appropriate, Imperial Ballroom Dance Center enjoys a reputation of being simply outstanding. For those who might have heard the name for the first time, it is located in the heart of Scottsdale. There are quite a few reasons behind the fame of Imperial Ballroom Dance Center and those include:

· One of the largest and truly gorgeous floating floor

· Availability of multiple classes and private lessons programs for learners of all levels

· Centralized and accessible location no matter wherever you are located in Arizona

· The only one of its own kind

Apart from the above features, Imperial Ballroom Dance Center enjoys services of world-ranked professional ballroom couple plus former Ukrainian National Champions, Inna Berlizyeva and Artem Plakhotnyi. After relocation in the United States, the couple has introduced remarkable experience and skill to the dance floor which has added more to the fame of the dance center all over Scottsdale. This couple, along with many other world famous and highly qualified professional instructors has a lion’s share in the success of Imperial Ballroom Dance Center. Dance lovers all over United States are more than keen to be a part of this gorgeous institute.


The instructors at Imperial along with their personalized approach to each and every learner make the dance center different from many others. The studio is the only one of its type all across Arizona that offers a tailored program to its learners. The system of personalized instruction differs from one individual to another in terms of factors like age, experience, learning objectives, physical fitness, personal commitment, ability to learn and so much more. Depending on what and how an individual wants to learn, the professional dance instructors at Imperial will come up with a personalized dance program so that the learner is able to achieve the dance goals according to his/her expectations.

Apart from the dance lessons, Imperial Ballroom Dance Center also offers the elegant space for events like wedding, parties and any charity programs. However, this will require personal contact with the managerial staff to have an idea about availability and pricing.

Commitment and Excellence

The commitment that Imperial shows in dancing is very much conspicuous from the fact that it is the only dance studio that offers classes for children. For parents who wish to see how it goes can visit on any Wednesday afternoon and see how children with ages no more than 5 years are full of enthusiasm while trying to learn the Cha-Cha steps. The new Teddy Bear Children’s Classes introduce the art of ballroom dancing to young children having ages from 5 to 12.

Apart from the above, the advanced ballroom Latin classes are probably the most popular feature of Imperial Ballroom Dance Center all over Phoenix. More than forty people come to attend this regularly and make the ballroom buzz at its peak. Coupled with encouragement and commitment the classes at Imperial are conducted with unmatchable degree of instruction.

Imperial Ballroom Dance center holds the phenomenal Our Masquerade Holiday Showcase every year. It is event that much be watched by every dance lover as it invites audience to dance with top imperial students which makes the show grow every year. Besides, the dance center has a lot more to offer to everyone who is interested in learning about how to dance.

Whether you wish to participate in a wedding dance, or maybe you are a social or amateur dancer, you will get almost everything you can dream of in the world of dance. Nevertheless, it is important that you try and become a part of the great Imperial Ballroom Dance Center and learn to dance with rhythm and the core of your heart.

Latest on Imperial ballroom dance center

There is latest news about Imperial Ballroom Dance Center which is likely to add another feather to the cap. The center has been selected for the 2013 Best of Scottsdale Award in the Ballrooms category by the Scottsdale Award program. If there were any doubts or concerns in the mind about the name of Imperial ballroom dance center, it will now surely be wiped off after winning the award.