Honeymark Adds Manuka Honey Soap To Its Product Line

Provider of New Zealand Manuka Offering Liquid and Bar Soaps.

Online PR News – 10-September-2013 – Boston, MA – Honeymark International is a unique online retailer specializing in manuka honey products ranging from raw honey to first aid treatments. The company has added two new products that are bound to be popular with many consumers: bar soap and liquid hand soap. Like all other products the company offers, these soaps are made from natural ingredients, are free of gluten and genetically modified organisms, and are not tested on animals.

Sold in an eight-ounce container featuring a pump dispenser, the liquid soap is convenient for hand washing. It aids in good hygiene practices by helping to eliminate germs on hands. Ingredients include active manuka honey, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, purified water, sunflower seed oil, and glycerin. Panthenol is a plant-derived form of vitamin B that lubricates skin and the plant-derived compound allantoin heals, moisturizes, and softens.

Bar soap is individually packaged in four-ounce units and is designed for full-body cleansing. This soap is free of artificial colors and fragrances and can be used on a daily basis. In addition to active manuka honey, ingredients include soybean protein and coconut, palm, and safflower oils. Kosher glycerin has a vegetable origin and sodium hydroxide is a natural saponifying agent. Derived from corn, fruit, and seaweed, sorbitol serves as a thickening agent, humectant, and moisturizer.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and taking care of it contributes to overall health. Soap containing all-natural ingredients is gentle enough for sensitive skin and can be used on a daily basis. Honey is a natural substance that retains moisture and has additional skin benefits. This makes it a smart addition to naturally-derived bar and liquid soap.

The importance of regular skin cleansing should not be underestimated. On a daily basis, skin is exposed to substances that cause dryness and irritation. Sweat, dirt, and other impurities clog pores, contributing to blemishes and other skin issues. Daily cleansing removes debris and dead skin cells and when a moisturizing soap is used, skin retains more collagen that makes it firmer and healthier.

Shipping is fast, convenient, and can reach anywhere in the world. Charges are determined by the United States Postal Service, free shipping is available for orders of a specified value, and delivery date is estimated when an order is placed. If a product received is not as expected, it can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund or exchange as long as it has not been overly used.

Honeymark International is a direct importer and retailer of manuka honey. Its website offers both consumable and non-consumable manuka honey products, such as candles and bath salts. Honeymark also features a weekly blog offering insights to the honey industry, honey facts, and recipes featuring honey.

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