Local Business Women Dip Into the Fountain of Youth With a Little Help

In one call to the Nip Tuck Coach, Stager, Carole Soffer was given an array of cosmetic treatment options to consider, as well as insider information on the doctors performing those procedures. A little local knowledge only Michele Garber, the Nip Tuck Coach knows.

Online PR News – 11-September-2013 – San Francisco, California – When well known San Francisco Stager and Interior Designer Carole Soffer was in need of a little help finding a doctor to keep her already pretty sixty-some year old face Looking youthful, that help didn't come from searching on-line for a doctor, or from reading advertisements. It came at the end of a telephone receiver consulting with Nip Tuck Coach Michele Garber.

"I had a cosmetic surgery procedure five years ago and it took me months of research, a lot of wasted time, and some disappointments to find the right doctor," said Carole Soffer who owns the posh interior design staging company Carole Soffer Design. "Over the last year my face began to look gaunt. I knew I wasn't ready for surgery but didn't know what other options were available. Luckily a telephone call led me to meeting the Nip Tuck Coach who steered me in the right direction. I just had a procedure called Sculptra (which I had never even heard of before) and I am beyond thrilled with my appearance."

Like many professional women, Carole not only wants to hold onto her looks for as long as possible, but she also understands the important need to look youthful for her career. Finding a plastic surgeon to help her wasn't the problem - San Francisco is full of them. What was important to Carole was finding the right surgeon and the right option for her condition without spending hours of time on research, self-education and consulting with multiple doctors. In one call to the Nip Tuck Coach, Carole was given an array of options to consider, as well as insider information on the doctors performing those procedures. A little local knowledge only Michele Garber, the Nip Tuck Coach knows.

"When Carole came to me she was looking to find a simple solution to what could easily become a big problem, said Michele Garber. "In one call, and after meeting with Carole, I was able to suggest various options for her consideration based on my high level of research, and point her in the right direction, thereby saving Carole a lot of valuable time and undue risk."

According to Michele Garber a total of 14,629,276 cosmetic procedures were performed in the US in 2012 alone (invasive and non-invasive) and consumers have more options than ever on where to go for their must have beauty treatments. However, with frequent news stories of plastic surgery gone bad, daily discount deals flooding e-mail inboxes, and plastic surgeons reporting that anywhere from 40% - 70% of their new patients consults are for revision surgery, the need for extra guidance when it comes to cosmetic surgery shopping is becoming a necessary, and valuable first step before having any cosmetic surgery procedure.

"I have spent more than two decades in the cosmetic surgery industry," stated Michele. "I understand which procedures are media hype, and what the hard reality behind a cosmetic surgery practice really is. Finding a qualified surgeon is not easy, nor is it something that should be taken lightly. Even for a procedure that seems simple."

Some helpful tips from NIP TUCK COACH are:

• Do not choose your surgeon based on online reviews, message boards, quotes in magazines, or celebrity status.

• If you can't afford the surgery you want right now, save your money until you can. Don't make your decision based on price.

• Consider hiring a professional Plastic Surgery Coach, who can be your on-going support system before, during and after the procedure.

About Michele Garber - NIP TUCK COACH - is an independent leading expert in the plastic surgery and beauty industry, and is nationally recognized as the "go to" person when considering plastic or cosmetic surgery. Michele works closely with women and men nationwide who want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure and are seeking a qualified, ethical and skilled plastic surgeon. She has helped many patients find the right surgeon for them. She is recognized as a beauty expert, patient advocate, public speaker as a result of her 22,000 followers and growing on social media and Beauty News Talk, her online beauty blog the source for all things beauty. As an independent cosmetic surgery coach, Michele does not receive compensation from any doctors, medical practices, manufacturers or groups. For more information visit http://www.niptuckcoach.com>

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