Sonic Vaporizer Announces New Portable Vaporizer and New Website

Sonic Vaporizer has launched a brand new website in conjunction with its new portable vaporizer device.

Online PR News – 10-September-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – There’s a brand new portable vaporizer on the scene called the Sonic Vaporizer. The Sonic is made from high-quality components with a ceramic heating chamber and rechargeable battery. This handheld vape is a modern merging of stealth, aesthetics and performance.

Sonic Portable Vaporizers are assembled with precision using only the highest quality components and the Sonic will never burn dry blends because each unit is calibrated to not exceed 428° F. This is more than enough heat to effectively vaporize the active ingredients in your aromatherapy blends. With the Sonic’s temperature control system, the user has complete control over the strength and potency of the hits they get. For novice users, the manufacturer recommends setting the temperature between 360-380° for optimal results.

The Sonic is easy to learn whether one is a seasoned vaporist or new to the art. The herbal chamber is spacious, allowing for consistent air flow and even vaporization of the blends. It’s recommended that users only insert a couple pinches of ground up blend at a time. For those accustomed to burning flowers in a glass pipe, the Sonic Vaporizer will come as a welcome relief. The herbs do not burn to ash; rather they “bake” to a brown crumbly particulate which can be re-used as a cooking ingredient. This way the Sonic enables users to get the most out of their material.

The Sonic lasts for 2 hours of continuous usage on a full battery charge. The battery itself is a lithium ion battery which charges using an AC Wall Adapter. Users can monitor their battery level and set their own desired temperature using the digital LED display. Additionally, the Sonic will operate while it’s plugged into an outlet. Another defining aspect of the Sonic is its heat-up time. While most units of similar size take 2-3 minutes to heat up, the Sonic reaches vaporizing temperature in a matter of seconds.

The Sonic delivers consistent results and is small enough to fit inside a purse, pocket or satchel for easy travel use. Moreover, Sonic users are going to save a great deal of money on their material by using this vape. Sonic Vaporizers come in a variety of colors and feature a sleek, compact design ensuring total discretion while vaporizing on the go.

The Sonic Personal Vaporizer is a reliable device that’s capable of delivering the finest quality vapor by utilizing advanced heating technology and state-of-the-art components. The main focus is to provide a simple, yet effective approach to vaporizing aromatherapy blends. It was also imperative that the full flavor of the herb be extracted during the vaporization process.

You can order a Sonic Vaporizer from the Sonic Vape website.

Formed in 2012, Sonic Vaporizer has always maintained one simple goal: create the best vapor possible. Sonic is a strong supporter of the vaporization movement and that’s why they set out to innovate the most advanced and efficient portable vaporizer. They truly believe in providing people with a clean and satisfying vaporizing experience.

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