W.S. Tyler’s Pro-Deck Reduces Maintenance Costs, Increases Profits for Mines

W.S. Tyler implements the optimal blend of screen media to provide the ideal balance of open area and wear life. The result is increased efficiency and uptime, reduced maintenance costs and greater product quality, which leads to increased profits for mines.

Online PR News – 10-September-2013 – ST. CATHARINES, Ontario – ST. CATHARINES, Ontario — The new W.S. Tyler Pro-Deck approach optimizes screening systems to provide longer wear life, improved efficiencies, greater product quality and reduced maintenance costs at mining operations. Pro-Deck is a custom approach to screen selection that leads to increased profits through on-site analysis of current processes and a solution tailored specifically to each application.

Pro-Deck is a five-step process that incorporates W.S. Tyler’s signature vibration analysis and modification strategy to professionally blend multiple types of screen media on a single deck. This custom approach results in the ideal balance of wear life and open area, which enhances efficiency and extends the life of the screen media. Pro-Deck also helps eliminate common screening problems such as blinding, pegging and premature wear that cause unscheduled downtime. The added efficiency and uptime gained by having a Pro-Deck results in greater profits, which grow exponentially as the value of the material being mined increases. In addition, since mines typically process the same material every day, once the ideal screen modifications are determined and implemented, the vibrating screen should only require scheduled maintenance. This allows mines to pinpoint wear life more accurately and have more control over their screen media and spare parts inventory requirements.

W.S. Tyler’s process begins with an on-site visit to the mine by a Pro-Deck specialist. The screening expert uses W.S. Tyler’s signature vibration analysis, the most modern diagnostic tool available in the market today, to ensure the machine is performing within the intended parameters for the application. Based on the analysis results and visual inspections of performance and wear, the specialist provides a recommendation for screen media modification and machine optimization. New screen media is installed one section at a time, and results are measured and documented before moving to the next section. This process continues until all recommendations are implemented and the customer’s product quality is positively enhanced.

Pro-Deck is a custom approach that can be applied in open pit or underground mines and can be used in primary, secondary or tertiary screening plants. W.S. Tyler formulates its Pro-Deck modular screen media to include perforated plate, rubber, polyurethane or a wire and polyurethane hybrid blend. This hybrid screen provides consistent, long wear life in comparison to wire cloth, and offers significantly greater open area than traditional polyurethane screens. These modular panels are lightweight, easy to handle and are available in snap-in, pin and sleeve, groove or bolt-down mounting systems. The designs make screen media changeouts quick and simple and enable a single deck to be blended with different types of media from feed to discharge and side to side.

W.S. Tyler is a member of the wholly owned German-based Haver & Tyler Processing Technology Alliance. The company is a leading manufacturer, systems provider and specialist in the screening, washing and pelletizing industries, and its mission is to deliver new approaches and technologies to the marketplace. W.S. Tyler is focused on all aspects of the screening circle, from particle analysis and screen media to vibrating screens, processing technology and screening services. With deep roots and years of experience in the screening business, the company effectively meets the needs of customers around the world. For more information, contact W.S. Tyler, 225 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7B6, call 800-325-5993, fax 905-688-4733, e-mail sales@wstyler.ca, or visit the website at www.wstyler.ca.