New novel introduces a fascinating new character to fantasy fiction

The Call of the Siren, the first book in the Siren Trilogy by British author, Mark Fleming, takes a hitherto overlooked character from realm of romantic legend, and makes her believable and real in a modern world. She is the Siren and she is, for some, the perfect killer.

Online PR News – 09-September-2013 – London – Eleanor Orlen is the last of her kind. She is the Siren. To most people she is nothing but an object of romantic myth and legend, but to those who know the truth, she is much, much more. In the late 20th Century, humans finally found a use for her…

Eleanor leaves no fingerprints, and can beguile her way into any place, mind or secret. When seen at her most beautiful, few have lived to describe her. She cannot be killed with blades and bullets, and can transform to flowing water to escape. Her unique nature, in other words, makes her the perfect contract killer. The trouble is, she does not the want role.

Oliver Hibbert is in many ways her only lasting friend. He worships her and protects her in his own quiet way. He also controls her on behalf of his employers, a shadowy organisation known as the Brabant Committee, who make use of the Siren’s skills to affect their own global agenda. They control Eleanor with a simple ultimatum - to work for them or perish.

Eleanor is lonely, scared and frustrated, finding herself trapped in a modern and at times cruel world. She self-harms, in her own unique manner, and seeks human comfort in the arms of the son of her latest target. Forever young and forever lonely, all she wants is her freedom, but time is running out. Hunters are closing in, among them the Vatican, who seek the Siren as a trophy. She is also threatened by a ruthless hunter; a man with the desire to make a species become extinct.

Says one review, of The Call of the Siren: "This mixture of an espionage thriller and a contemporary fantasy, felt like something John le Carre might have produced if he'd been tasked with writing something similar to Twilight."

The Call of the Siren is the first book in the Siren Trilogy

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About the author:
Originally from Southport, Mark Fleming worked in the film industry for many years (Batman, Judge Dredd, Hudson Hawk, The Name of the Rose and many others) before returning north. He ran a successful models and design business for several years before turning to writing. The Call of the Siren is his fourth book, hes previous being Firework Art (non-fiction, 2005) Challerton (fiction, 2012) and FIRE Fascination, Firework and Festival (non-fiction, 2013)

The Call of the Siren is published on October 1st, 2013
336 pages.
Print ISBN: 978095562148 price £ 7.99 paperback
Ebook ISBN: 978095562155 price £ 3.99

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