Candy Madness: Now on Google Play!

Candy Madness debuts on Androids Google Play Store. WARNING: An addictive Brain Busting puzzle game!

Online PR News – 09-September-2013 – 09/09/2013 - United Kingdom – Every now and then you find a game on an app store that completely takes you by surprise. The game is addictive and fun, and after a few hours you realise that that's all you will be playing with. There are just a few of these games in gaming history, and funnily enough, the majority of them are on mobile devices.

Pick up and play games like these that have highly addictive engines at their core are rare. However, now and then one comes along that blows the rest out of the water. Candy Madness could well be one of those games. It's addictive, fun and incredibly charming.

The concept of the game is very simple. In fact, a child could pick up and play it within seconds and be well on the way to ring up some high scores within minutes. And that shows the quality behind the game. That's the key reason why the game is so successful. It has amazing ease of use and a high-level of playability. This is the key to many of the games that have done well over the last few years on mobile devices. The easier they are to play and get involved in, the more popular they become. And Candy Madness is most definitely one of those games. Once you have picked it up, within a few minutes you're well on the way to producing high scores and becoming highly addicted to this most simple of games.

A puzzler, at heart

It is essentially a puzzle game, but the word puzzle doesn't quite do it justice. It's not meant to hurt your brain; in fact it's meant to stimulate the brain and to encourage it to make intelligent choices. All you have to do in the game is move candy into the correct colour location on the screen. The fewer moves you take to move the candy the higher your score. And that's it. However, while it is incredibly simple to get used to and play, to master the game is something else. That's why the game has taken off so massively, because players are realising that there are hours and hours of gameplay in this title. The very best players will put the hours in and build their reputations as they prove able to master the movement of these candy pieces to very high levels.

The developers of the game promise an update soon, but it is quite hard to see how they can improve on this game as it currently stands. However, the simplicity involved in a game is perhaps the key to the developments that will follow. Soon enough, it is certain that someone will master the game and become a highly developed player. Further developments and updates for the game will have to take this into account and add extra challenges to Candy Madness. The developers also promise further improvements and a series of challenges to make the game more interesting to more accomplished players. This is an incredibly simple but addictive game, expect to see it blow up huge on the app stores in the next few weeks.

Just don't expect to get any sleep…

Download on Google Play Today:

or Search for "Candy Madness" **Coming Soon to Apple Devices!**